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Old 18-03-2017
numroe numroe is offline
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RHK fat handlebars anyone?

Can anyone offer any feedback on the RHK fat bars?

eg. any permanent bending after typical crashes or reasonable weight?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 19-03-2017
ggchris's Avatar
ggchris ggchris is online now
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Going off the quality of the reat of the RHK stuff, they'll be junk. I've had a set on the shed for 3 tears waiting for when I bend the bars on one of the gassers (Renthals).

Haven't needed them yet - Renthals are good.
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Old 21-03-2017
numroe numroe is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Sydney
Posts: 341
What problems did you have with other RHK parts? I bought one of the RHK steel rear sprockets and it's been very good. Certainly good value.

But with handlebars needing quality alum alloys and tempering, I'm a little worried about RHK bars permanently bending in minor spills. They're $80.
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Old 21-03-2017
Spac's Avatar
Spac Spac is offline
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Try them and report back! FWIW, in my experience ProTaper and Rethal bars are the strongest and most of the other brand name bars are considerably stronger than the "cut price" stuff.
I straightened a bunch of bars a while ago (not generally recommended), and the effort required to straighten the Renthals and ProTapers was probably about three times more than the cheapies. This fits with the much less accurate studies I performed when bending them in the first place...

That said, I've found RHK stuff to generally be quite good for the money and would be susrised if they were garbage.
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Old 21-03-2017
shawbagga's Avatar
shawbagga shawbagga is offline
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Dunno of you'd class 'em as brand name but the stock Magura sx bars on the old huskies are strong AF. I've sent them on several cartwheels(including falling off ute in transit) & just the other day did an ever so graceful endo on an overly ambitious log hop. Thought it'd be bent bars for sure but still true!

Do the rhk bars state how thick they are or any specs? If they're oversized tapered I'm sure they'd be fine. For $80 won't lose much I guess
'10 WR300 & '13 WR165
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Old 21-03-2017
Zimmo's Avatar
Zimmo Zimmo is offline
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Shit hot and awesome value for money at $40.


Don't listen to me though. Read some of the comments

Taylor, ID : "Now these are some tough bars. I hit a rock while wheelying and did flips down the dirt road and they didnt even bend.. I wouldnt recommend testing them like that though.."

LARRY H, Auburn WA : "these bars are a great price and what a deal in this economy. I crashed my RM 250 wide open in 3rd gear and broke my collarbone but my bars were still good not bent at all. I was surprised to say the least"
More is more. Tubes are fine
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Old 21-03-2017
Ferro Ferro is offline
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I think RHK is a very interesting study on product pricing. Quality aside they have definately carved a piece of tue market for themselves. I'm still suprised when I see a bike advertised with RHK bars/pegs/bling but it is a textbook how to introduce a new product.
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Old 24-03-2017
numroe numroe is offline
DBW Expert
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Sydney
Posts: 341
Thanks guys. It's either RHK or Tusk for me. Will see how they go. I've bent expensive Pro Tapers. I don't believe we get the value that we pay for with MC parts.

Last edited by numroe; 24-03-2017 at 01:50 AM.
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Old 24-03-2017
Echidna's Avatar
Echidna Echidna is offline
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Location: Tomerong
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First ride out with the RHK on my ktm 300 . Took a topple 10 foot onto rock ledge. Thought they would havr bent for sure. It was a super hard hit.
No bend. So impressed to start of with.
Best to ask people who use RHK. i have footpegs front and rear sorockets, chain.
All there products have been awesome. If they can stand up to the Echidna .They are great for anybody.
KTM EXC 300 2012
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Old 25-03-2017
numroe numroe is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Sydney
Posts: 341
Originally Posted by Echidna View Post
All there products have been awesome.
Good to know the RHK bars are super tough. I've used RHK sprockets and chains and like them a lot. Can you remember if the weight of the RHK fatbars felt pretty normal before you fitted them?

I expect the Tusk bars are good items. They use the 7000 series alum which is typically stronger than any 6000 series if everything else is equal.

I've been super impressed with some complete Tusk wheels I bought 2 years ago. Also had no probs with three Tusk over sized front rotors.
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