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Old 10-10-2017
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LOL Bit risky for me. Might go the vapour blast route
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Old 15-10-2017
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Got time to do a bit more to it on the weekend got a mate to weld the ignition coil bracket back on to the frame still unsure how it broke off in the first place. After welding I primered it and painted it and am happy with the result, doesn't stand out when the coil is mounted.


Got my second hand radiator to replace this piece of art that the previous owner had left.

radiator before.jpg

While I had the radiator out I acid dipped them and sanded the tanks here is a comparison with the old and the cleaned radiators, really makes the bike look loved. I then bolted them in and got the engine half bolted on, need a new mount for the expansion chamber before I can start it up.

radiator after.jpg

Hopefully by next weekend I can have it in the frame and able to run but still very far off being done
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Old 22-10-2017
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Got the engine in the frame had less time than expected this weekend so didn't get it running. Also went overboard painting the mounting bolt heads and nuts in frame colour (got too dark to take pics but come up very well). Also filled it up with coolant no leaks and gearbox oil no leaks so very happy!


22.10.17 (2).jpg

The only thing I am unsure of is the clutch cable routing from the engine to the lever, it doesnt look right to me? While I had the carb out I thought I might as well pull it apart and give it a clean. Was pretty grubby inside as you can see and the complete lack of vent hoses would not have been helping things either. Tested the needle and seat and it held pressure well which is surprising for this bike as everything else I have been tested has been ****ed haha.

carb 1.jpg

carb 2.jpg

While it was out I gave it an external clean as well, will need to find some vent hoses am going to go to the bike shop and see if they sell it by the metre because Suzuki want $45 for the 3 hoses.

carb 3.jpg

Hopefully I can have it running by next weekend so I can start doing things that aren't the engine. Next on the agenda will be tidy up all the things around the swingarm/ chain area and possibly get the rear shock redone depending on cost. Then on to the Front end and I'll be able to take the old girl for a ride!
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Old 09-11-2017
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Hey ezz.
Mate congrats on the Rmx find. I bought one up here in the Territory for $900
It has been a mission to rebuild her but it was worth it. I ended up racing it in a natural terrain moto x series beating a heap of current 4 stroke bikes.
I to feel for the trap of buying parts from the states only to find they don't fit or work.
I have a couple of bits of advice that i wish i was told to save some head aches.

1. Double check the action of the power valve. there is a tiny spring in the slide that opens a secondary action of power valve. if your bike doesn't get up on the band.. this is your problem.. i sent whole elec system off to bench test only to finally find it was a$2.80 part in the power valve.... also previous owner had wound the spring so tight it wrecked it...

2. Rear Linkage... I went back and forth with a bike shop trying to fit aftermarket bearings..... don't bother...just get genuine if you are going to replace.. All balls don't work..

If you ever find anything that you might want help I would love to help.. if i can..
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Old 09-11-2017
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Clutch cable comes around the right hand side of the steering head, over the top mount of the right hand radiator, down between the RH radiator and the frame, and then behind the power valve actuator housing (as you have it). There should be one of those soft bendy metal clamps on the rear-most bolt of the PV actuator cover to keep it away from the pipe.
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Old 14-11-2017
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Thanks for the help and advice RMXR and Cookie55 so I did get it started for the week that I said i was going to and I stopped it after 3 seconds because it had no muffler fitted and it was loud as hell. So I then painted the expansion chamber in high temp paint and fitted it properly. Then before I fitted the tank i gave it a clean and buff up and a new genuine petcock assembly and hose. It went from this grubby old thing

To this shiny clean thing

After taking the second photo I spent another hour sanding and buffing the tank to get rid of a few more scratches and imperfections. All in all it looks much much better but not perfect, part of me wanted to keep going but I will scratch it again when I ride it anyway.

But after all the painting and polishing I went to try and start it again with a brand new plug and I can't for the life of me get it to go. I have since removed the carb and checked it and found that I must have got a little bit of water in the tank by washing it. So i completely drained the tank, cleaned the carby and filled it all with fresh fuel. All I have been able to get it to do since then is backfire while kicking it over. And to add insult to injury the kick starter has never sounded great but in the process of kicking it I have snapped the kickstarter lever!! It is on the back burner for a few days until I figure out why it wont start haha

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