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Old 18-06-2010
Dyer Dyer is offline
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have i re-broken my collarbone?

hi guys,

i took a trip over the bars nearly 7 weeks ago and broke my left collarbone and 3 ribs racing motocross. i didn't realise at first but i went down to the hospital after i got home and washed my bike and the x rays said it was broken. apparently a broken collarbone is supposed to hurt. it didn't hurt much at all, but movement wasn't very good for a while. there was a fair lump where i broke it.

anyway, it was 2 weeks until i could ride a road bike and 4 weeks until i was back on an mx bike. the muscles etc weren't very strong around it yet so i decided i needed to get into weights again. earlier in the week i was back to bench pressing about 40kg (which is way off where i was, but its a good start) but it kept getting sore around the site of the break. i was getting a little concerned.

so on thursday i decided i needed to do some single trail on my supermoto bike. all was going great guns until i hit a big tree root running at a funny angle on the track on this steep uphill section and i took a fall. when i landed i heard a crack sound and my collarbone ached a little (nowhere near as sore as when i first broke it). so i picked my bike up and pulled it round and rode back into town to get a drink from the bakery and have a think about it all.

when i was riding back, i had that feeling when your mind starts racing about what you've done etc so i just made sure i kept breathing so i didn't end up all dizzy. got to the bakery and got my helmet off (was sore to get my arm above my head) and bought a drink. sat around for a bit, then decided to ride home and wash the bike up (was very muddy going, my leathers were covered in mud haha). i couldn't get my helmet on because it was pretty sore, and some really nice old guy came up and gave me a hand.

anyway, i sat at home for the rest of the day feeling a bit sore for myself and thinking it over. i thought i'd give it a day.

well the next day (friday) came and it feels ok. its not how it was before the crash, but miles ahead of where it was when i know for certain i broke it. i haven't been to the hospital for x rays because as soon as the people down there find out it was a motocycle injury you get treated like junk. its sore around where the break initally occured and its a bit swollen. i'm not convinced its re-broken because i can still use it pretty well, and can drive a manual (which i couldn't for 2 weeks after i broke it for certain).

could it just be some sort of tissue damage around the area because its so weak, or could it be cracked. i've been reading about broken collarbones and everyone seems to say that its supposed to hurt like crazy. when i broke my arm it hurt alot more than this. maybe i'm just used to it.

i really hope its just tissue damage, because the KTM dirt days thing is on this sunday and i'm supposed to be riding.

cheers everyone

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Old 18-06-2010
Zim Zim is offline
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I cracked mine sking,I definatly knew something was wrong,I could not take my parker off without help.It took 3 or 4 xrays to find it though.In my case pain told me what I needed to know.
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Old 18-06-2010
Krackers's Avatar
Krackers Krackers is offline
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Go to the doctor, hospital or whatever and get it x-rayed.

Who gives a *@#&*@#&*@#&*@#& about how you did the injury? Do you work? If so, you pay tax, so use the services available.

Collarbones can be dodgy things. Some need plating, some just heal well when left alone.

I'm a wee bit curious. Supermoto on single?
Thanks for just being human.

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Old 18-06-2010
Dyer Dyer is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Gippsland, Victoria
Posts: 120
only work part time because i'm a uni student. yeah i know what you mean about the plating/letting it do its thing, because when i first broke it i just got told to let it do its thing, it will heal by itself.

supermoto in singletrail stuff isn't too bad, when you hit the really muddy stuff the wheels just follow the ruts but you can still get moving at a good pace. the smaller wheels aren't as good when you hit things in the track though, and with higher tyre pressures it deflects pretty bad.

good practice because it really makes you ride smoother in all aspects because of the lower grip.

i got bogged once

but whats getting me is there is hardly any pain, im just worried because i've broken it recently. sitting here typing this i have zero pain at all. i can still use my arm pretty good, probably 75% movement of my non injured one.

some bikes with motors.. that do skids n stuff..
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Old 18-06-2010
bush_rider bush_rider is offline
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Run your finger along it and feel for anything that feels a little dodgy. If thats ok compare your left to right as i do know you can bend bones (hurts like hell), also put pressure on it at certain spots, just enough to feel for any pain, if there is some it should definately be checked out. It might have just not fully healed properly after breaking it.
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Old 19-06-2010
badbrp badbrp is offline
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Mate, bones take 12 weeks to repair properly (ie to radiographic union - for the xray to show not crack etc) minimum.
If you broke it the first time then going by your time line it would not have been repaired by the second fail. My guess is it was still in repair mode and you have now aggravated it further - read it is still broken here. Get it xrayed. If you continue to do what you are doing it will never join properly and that will mean a plate and bone graft. None of these are fun believe me as I have just had mine plated etc after rebreaking mine again 4 months after the first time (along with 8 ribs for good measure).
And no they dont hurt that much after a week or 2 if you dont aggravate it.
Be careful because the second time I did it, things werent quite properly healed from the first and I did much much more damage, not only to the collarbone but also the rest of me, permanently rearranging my rib cage and chassis.
Get it checked out
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Old 19-06-2010
Whoobz?'s Avatar
Whoobz? Whoobz? is offline
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Dyer, Dyer, Dyer

Wot we gunna do wit u?

It'd be a bummer to wait out riding this long, then have to start over with your injury healing.

If I were you I'd be going straight to a specialist. Right now. Don't guess because this is the most critical time in the healing and rehab process and if you balls it up you could be effected by that injury for the rest of your life.

The best advice I got recently was to see specialists and listen to what they had to say. I did just that and feel confident about the whole situation.
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Old 19-06-2010
Jon B Jon B is offline
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i broke mine badly in jan, 4 pieces. i was told if u stress the new bone while its growing u can calcify it and it won't grow back as strong. After 8 weeks i had my last x ray, i felt fine like i was fully recovered however the xray showed just an outline of new bone around the breaks the new bone was still see through. give it some rest mate. u will need another 4 weeks and even then u won't want to land on it heavy.
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Old 19-06-2010
coley13's Avatar
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where you get that knobby tyre from

oh, go get it xrayed, you probably havnt let it heal. after they heal they will be stronger than before but i think you may of got carried away with your time frames
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Old 19-06-2010
j-bomb3000's Avatar
j-bomb3000 j-bomb3000 is offline
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no way it would have healed properly in 4 weeks. My housemate broke his and he was 3 months before it was fully healed.

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