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Old 14-08-2004
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Originally posted by poor bastard
A good lark is to set yourself up on your cnr in a sloppy,stinky type bog hole, and roost your mates as they round the cnr.
Its good fun untill someone loses an eye!!
OR until somone cops a .22cal sized rock right between the eyes..

Loz, how long did it take you to set the aim up?
i think i need tome roosting tips, cause iu cant seem to get a good aim.. Loz??
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Old 17-08-2004
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And another thing....


Everyone tends to be in a hurry to get on the bike, but everyone would prefer waiting 2 mins than being lost for 2 hours.
Disclaimer: Anything posted by me is opinion unless otherwise specifically stated
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Old 17-08-2004
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Talking .... and another....

If you are waiting at a corner and you get some 4WD's or other riders coming the other way... flag em down and let them know you have 1, 2 or 30 more riders coming through... then (hopefully) the other trail users will be courteous enough to wait until it's clear to go.

I hate coming round a bend and finding some lunatic, full noise on the wrong side of the track, out of control and heading straight for me!
Beer... not JUST for breakfast any more.... :bzr

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made. Groucho Marx
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Old 18-08-2004
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also when you get to a hard section and lesser riders want go around to the other side of say a big hill remind the new group to use a lead and sweep as even a short trip can lose riders
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Old 05-09-2004
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Great info guys ........I rode past the lead rider last Saturday thinking that the lead rider was one of the two guys in front of our group but at the next corner there was nobody there, so I waited until it dawned on me that maybe I had passed our leader at the last corner.
When I went back they were there waiting for me.
The guys were doing head counts all day and this was a proven a good idea as well.:bzr
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Old 05-09-2004
Colin Bayman
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All really good practices -done well, no one gets lost and everyone has a great day. I have also just picked up a set of uniden two ways with a ear piece and a voice activated microphone. We are going to try them out for the lead and sweep riders but if everyone had them it would be great.

Just recently I hit an exposed reef on a beach at about 100kph. I have ridden that stretch of beach about 20 times before and not seen any reef. It would have been nice to simply tell the boys behind what I had just hit and stopped a potential pile up. Nasty stuff - white reef on a white beach on a sunny day.

Watch out for signs. On a recent ride up past Lancelin (WA) the lead rider rode past a sign without reading it. Of course no one else bothered as well. A short time later, a frantic army 4WD stopped us because we were within spitting distance of an active bombing range. After we killed the engines we could hear the bombs exploding. Army dudes said we would have made great moving targets.
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Old 05-09-2004
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Fwiw, voice activated mike's are evil, crap, terrible, aweful, hog the airwaves and just generally don't work well in this application

Back on topic, bright vests or sashes for lead's backpack and sweep's chest make confusion impossible and speed things up as cornermen aren't waiting until the sweep stops and says Hi before they realise what's happened
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Old 05-09-2004
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If everyone knows where they are going , or at least has seen a map of the route to be taken you can move a lot more smoothly,

e.g. you arrive at a tar road and are un sure what direction to go in untill you are shown, or you already know that you have to turn right go 100m or so and head off on the other side of the road. things go alot easyier.


"This is nowhere near Kansas,Toto "

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Old 08-09-2004
Colin Bayman
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Hey Knopey - were you talking about a DRZ 400 or a uniden voice activated 2way. he he he.
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Old 21-12-2004
Posts: n/a

I didnt know the system existed before club mud ,do you stick your hand straight up for single file when aproaching on coming traffic .craig380exc
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