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Old 26-08-2015
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SSS carts fitted to 4CS outer legs, yet to actually try them as I have to make a second adaptor first

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Old 26-08-2015
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Nice bowser. I haven't read the thread on how to do this, but i hope its worth the effort. It sure seems everyone is happy.
Be sure to write a review when you hit the trails. Looking forward to it.
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Old 27-08-2015
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Adjuster looks vulnerable to impact damage but good work for giving it a crack.
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Old 12-03-2018
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Originally Posted by Arctra View Post
Just saw this on Facebook and thought it was interesting: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shock...77510972351621
After several tests we have done in the past, the KYB fork tubes have proven themselves to have less binding than the WP tubes due to their flex patterns.
Fitting a pair of the KYB tubes in the 4CS fork was a logical upgrade. The tube diameter is the same, with the length being a few mm shorter. The thread pitch where the boot screws on is identical but the WP has an extended lip on the tube to seat onto an o-ring inside the boot. It is vital to ensure the same seal occurs with the KYB tube.
Our solution is to machine an insert which will seal not only against the o-ring and boot but also against the inside of the KYB tube ensuring no oil can leak out.

The end result is a perfect fit and a perfect seal - now to test!
Interesting idea!

So, I know I posted this up a few years ago, but it seems Terry might just have been onto something. Just looking at the VitalMX "Pit Bits" article from the 2018 Daytona race (https://www.vitalmx.com/features/Vit...upercross,5866) where he takes a good look at Chad Reed's bike setup, his bike has something similar...

"WP forks? Not quite... KYB internals, lugs, lower tubes... but with WP uppers. Enzo and other shops have done similar combinations as the WP upper tube was designed around the flex characteristics of a steel chassis"

"...The upper clamping surface of the WP tubes is over 1mm bigger, so he's back on stock clamps for now"

If Ross at ENZO suspension in the USA (who I believe so the KYB development in the US) have also cottoned onto this "WP upper tubes with KYB lower tubes" for better flex characteristics, maybe this Aussie tuner actually knows what he's talking about hey?

I love it when people question the status-quo and try something new rather than just making assumptions. Growing up in Africa where we had scarce resources we had to "make a plan" and use what we had to get things done, so I have a healthy respect - hell, even an envy of - ingenuity like this. LOVE IT!
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Old 12-03-2018
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Originally Posted by silverfox View Post
I threw a heap of money at mine and was still not happy. For the price of a new bike? They are shit. To have to go to the extrems of above is crap. The WP OC are a better fork and the WP CC are better again. Just my opinion

Totally agree!
Iím just a trail hack but could clearly notice the difference between the 4CS and OCís I put on my 16 fe 501. Was ready to sell it but now itís a completely different beast and I absolutely love it.
Cost me $800 for forks,springs, axle and spacers

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