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Stolen Bikes List List your stolen bike details here...and stop the pr$%ks.

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Old 09-09-2016
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Warning to Sellers

People will come up with all sorts of crap stories. Believe nothing. Hold firm to a license, get the keys to their car (although this may be stolen, so ask them for proof of ownership). Don't let them ride your bike without you following.

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Old 09-09-2016
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Cant believe anyone would let someone ride off on their bike like that, even if the bloke gave me his licence and first born child i wouldnt let them ride off like that.

The fact that insurance isnt going to pay out because he gave him the keys is a disgrace. The bike was stolen, whether he gave him the keys or not is irelevant.

I hate insurance companies.
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Old 09-09-2016
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Okay, I grew in a certain, area and knew people who are less than honest. Who stole motorcycles and cars.

Here are just some of the methods. You go look at a bike, you case the place out and go back that night and steal it. Often people selling dirt bikes are hip, bike only has a tea cup of fuel in it for a test ride, but you have your brother waiting near by with a ute or trailer. This also works with the helmetless ( just run up the end of the street and back mate! plan )

Tweakers ( people who are addicted to speed ) steal stuff, dirt bikes are easy to turn over for cash. They have an appearance and can tell elaborate lies that have lots of detail. Look for a sweaty slender potential buyer who can spin complicated bullshit stories.

Road bikes, yeah often the car they arrive in is hot.

Best plan is listen carefully to the potential buyer when the first contact is made, do not work from texts.

Arrange to meet somewhere other than your house, a shopping centre, you're local bike shop, look for signs like the guy glances at the thing and says: can I ride it? Has he inspected the tyres, chain, oil leaks like you would?

Money talks, bullshit walks.

Don't trust anyone you have not known for years.

If you think these bastards are brazen, I know guys who have been washing their bike in the driveway, go for a piss and the thing is GONE without a trace, ask you're local bike shop about people grabbing bikes off the lot..
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Old 09-09-2016
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Insurance companies cannot cover this sort of scenario.

I don't let anyone test ride a bike, I give a 10 minute warranty after I have cash in my hand.

If they don't like it they can buy another bike. If they say on the phone they don't have cash to bring I say "no worries, call back when you have cash" and hang up.

There is no way I ever let them come to my house. Meet at a petrol station, maccas, bunnings etc. Even with cash in hand I want to have photographed the license in case they run through a speed camera.

Have them sign a release stating what time they take delivery of the bike. Protects you against their stupidity and them against yours in case a ticket turns up. Get the same when buying.

Can't trust anyone, the crooks don't tell you that they are going to rip you off FFS.

This guy did it all wrong. Good of him to warn others though.

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Old 09-09-2016
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Another option is to agree on a price before a test ride , one that the buyer is willing to pay for if he is happy with the bike after the test ride . Take the money , let him test ride it . If he wants to renegotiate when he is back from the ride you can or give him his money back .
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Old 09-09-2016
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I certainly wouldn't be handing over any money before I take a bike for a test ride. What if you decide you don't want the bike and ask for your money back? "What money?" says the seller. What proof do you have that you gave the guy the money?

I think that as a seller you should take a photo of the buyer and a photo of their licence. You can delete the photos in front of them when they return the bike to you. Most real buyers shouldn't have an issue with that.

I think a better idea would be for bike shops to set up a service where both the seller and the buyer meet at the bike shop and the buyer gives them the money to hold onto while they go for a test ride. The bike shop can charge the seller a fee, say $50, and then they can try and sell some gear or oil to the buyer. Sounds like a win -win situation for all involved. Not that different from a sale on consignment really but at least you don't have to leave your bike at the shop the whole time.
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Old 09-09-2016
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Good idea on the photo of buyer and his licence.

I would NEVER meet a buyer on home turf. Nearest Police station might sort out the crims from the honest buyers.
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Old 09-09-2016
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Originally Posted by JJW View Post
This guy did it all wrong. Good of him to warn others though.
Yes he did !

Time and tide . .
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