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Old 21-06-2007
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can-am spyder...weird.

ummmmm, i reckon it needs a trials tyre.

heres a write up from a dude that has ridden one, taken from www.advrider.com

Odd... Very Odd...

NOTHING like a motorcycle. LOTS of steering effort req'd to turn at speed, Even with the power steering.

Can roast the ever lovin cr*p out of the rear tire from a stop, But it still seems sluggish while doing a roll-on. I would say about on par with a SV650. Not really "Slow"... But slower than I would expect with 100+ hp under the hood. I guess all the extra weight really kills the performance

Ride over the rough back roads was surprisingly good. I was suspicious of the ride quality before riding since the shocks look like something sourced from a Chinese 4 wheeler...

Brakes were REALLY good... Once you got over the lack of the front lever. Everythings off the pedal. Give it a foot-full and it stops RIGHT NOW!

Computer based shenanigans prevents you from swinging out the rear end in turns, But not from entering a low speed fast enough to lift the inside front wheel. A lot like driving a sled on really packed trails.

Goes down the freeway really nice. Stock wind shield lets the wind blast hit you about neck level. It does really whip a MX helmet around... So wear your street lid. A "sport" (short) and a "sport touring" (tall) windshield were shown in the brochure.

It may be wishful thinking, But to me it looks like they left the door open for a 3wd version in the future. The front trunk area now occupies the spot where a differential would have to reside, and the hubs are designed like a IFS truck so that the wheel hub is connected fixed to a shaft which turns in the bearings, rather than having the hub turn on a shaft fixed to the spindle.

All in all, I don't think its going to win over any sport-bike riders, But should be popular with the dentist and lawyer crowd (no offense)

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Old 21-06-2007
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intresting................think I saw them on Beyond Tommorow (or whatever it was called, newer version of Beyond 2000)

would like a go on it
always mad and usually drunk
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Old 21-06-2007
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Cool, looks like a modified snowmobile.
It pumps one way and then it pumps the other...
you have to know what you're doing with these machines and wear gloves
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