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Old 2 Weeks Ago
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Yeah-well.. write-those-off as-accidents... sad... happens.
I'm-about shipping 1/2 a Tesla's battery-pack over to here.

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The Battery Tender Jr 800 is designed for Li batteries. It is relatively inexpensive and works very well. Note that Li batteries rarely require external charging. The older Battery Tenders also work on Li batteries but not nearly as well as they won't get the voltage quite high enough for a complete charge.
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Old 5 Days Ago
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It's not possible to say "this is a Li battery and therefore it needs 'x' type of charger".

Apart from large industrial setups, all Li batteries have inbuilt charge/discharge controllers. The best charger for most Li applications is a flat unregulated 14-15VDC power supply and just let the battery's internal controller do its thing.

I pulled $1000 worth of intelligent controller out of a Nissan Titan XD last week because the intelligent control on the Li power pack it was supplying didn't like the remote controllers' signal.

Switch any 'multi-type' trickle charger over to 'Li' and pop the CRO on the signal, it stops pulsing and outputs flat DC at 14.5V or so...
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Old 5 Days Ago
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Are lithium batteries weak in cold conditions?
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Originally Posted by RedK View Post
Are lithium batteries weak in cold conditions?
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Originally Posted by shawbagga View Post
I haven't experienced this
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Yeah they are not a big fan of 0 degrees and under. Most manufacturers of Li batteries have that in their disclaimers. But after a few cold slow cranks the batteries warm up internally and work well.
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Have had a couple of lifepo4 bike batteries and currently have a couple of 50ah deep cycles in my camper

batteries with their own BMS (most modern sorts) need maintenance charging as the BMS uses a small amount of power

A 10w solar panel with a simple PWM regulator is enough to keep your bike battery alive, otherwise you can buy 2-4amp 14.6v lifepo4 chargers off ebay for about $40, otherwise any simple 2-stage lead-acid charger will do.

Lifepo4 has a lower internal resistance than lead-acid which allows them to be charged at full current until 100%.

They can work below 0, you have to warm them up by cranking for 5 secs at a time a few times 30-60 seconds apart until you really want to crank it
It pumps one way and then it pumps the other...
you have to know what you're doing with these machines and wear gloves
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