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Old 30-10-2007
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My bike is getting fluffy - jetting for everyone over summer

As the weather gets warmer you will find leaning off your jetting will keep engine response crisper! The hotter air becomes thinner meaning you need less fuel to make it work efficiently.

With four strokes, look at winding the fuel screw in 1/4 of a turn if the bike seems fluffy (as I hear people call it) or it bogs when trying to crack the throttle while riding. This will lean your bike up around idle.

Also raising the clip position 1 groove on your needle will help response from 1/4 to 7/8 throttle.

For two strokes, wind the air screw out 1/4 of a turn to improve throttle response off the bottom. This is strongly recommended 3/4 the way through a dusty hot ride!

Again raising the clip position will also help overall throttle response if it is running rich or not coming into "band" like it did over winter.
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Old 30-10-2007
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Hey Wilko you have this problem ??
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Old 30-10-2007
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And then we'll post up saying we have overheating problems and you'll say to try going richer!
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Old 30-10-2007
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just to add to that if you live in a dry climate with no humidity. your mixture will be leaner so take extra care leaning out your needle and main. but buy all means lean out your slow jet for desired throttle response.
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Old 30-10-2007
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Thanks for the info will give it a go
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Old 30-10-2007
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I usually swap between 160 and 162 mainjets for summer/winiter. aswell as adjust needle pos'n.
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Old 30-10-2007
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Nothing worse than a fluffy bike!
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Old 30-10-2007
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I can't find that fuel screw thingy Keg, where is it again.
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Old 30-10-2007
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Originally Posted by Greedy Guido View Post
I can't find that fuel screw thingy Keg, where is it again.
It says in the GAS GAS manual that your meant to run them half full of oil in the summer to keep them cool
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Old 31-10-2007
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What about putting ice cubes in your airbox, to cool the intake air
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