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Old 24-03-2015
mr bergman mr bergman is offline
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Beating arm pump

Did a pile of searching around and it there's no one magic cure but a pile of strategies available. Commonsense applies - do the easy sensible things like hydrating properly and proper body positioning before looking at bling for your bike.

Obviously riding more and developing your technique will work for a lot of us. But a lot of the top riders still struggle with arm pump it's good to look at all the options...

Body positioning
Grip the bike with your legs
Avoid the death grip on the bars
Develop your offroad riding techniques
Relax mentally when riding (stay loose as a goose)
Regular cardiovascular and arm exercises
Warm up just before riding (both cardiovascular and arm exercises)
Hydration (start the night before, combine with electrolyte powder)
Bike setup (thinner grips, suspension setup, bar & lever positions etc)
Steg Pegz to take pressure off your arms
Flexx bars to reduce jarring through the arms
Bananas (nature's own potassium pill)
Magnesium (usually in electrolyte drinks and pickle juice)
Avoid caffeine and stimulant-laced "sports drinks"
Regular myofacscial massage (google 'myofacscial release')
Rock climbing
Better handgrips (a stickier rubber may mean not hanging on so much)
Regular sauna sessions
Surgery (in extreme cases).

Some of these I can't vouch for but the idea is a comprehensive list to try everything if needed. I'm always a bit skeptical of magic supplements or complementary therapies but there are riders who say these were the final solution for their arm pump.

Anyone got other tips? should have checked in here before putting a video together about it, but can always add extra tips in a video annotation.

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Old 24-03-2015
rabskyline rabskyline is offline
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Ride loose ! Can't ride any other way.
Oh and get your suspension done,less stress, easier to ride =relaxation.
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Old 24-03-2015
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AvB AvB is offline
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Another great video, thanks Barry.
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Old 24-03-2015
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When you get arm pump, do not pull over and rest. Keep riding, naturally you will be forced to use technique which takes the load off your arms. After sometime, if you don't crash, this positioning will become second nature.

I find arm pump a problem now that I only ride once/twice a month, but it is not a lack of fitness. Body position is the key.

Another note in aspirin - it is a blood thinner. It may increase your chances of superficial wounds bleeding more, but of increased concern is the potential for increased internal bleeding. Not a great idea if you take a hit on the head......

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Old 25-03-2015
mr bergman mr bergman is offline
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yep, mentioned aspirin in the vid along with ibuprofen as both are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. i was taking iboprofen during rides for a while but after reading up on some studies i figured the risks outweigh any possible advantages so left it off the list.
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Old 25-03-2015
Motoxfox Motoxfox is offline
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Great vide / advice. as requested below.

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Old 25-03-2015
Illgivushouting's Avatar
Illgivushouting Illgivushouting is offline
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Some of the folk at finke put disprin in there camel backs it's like Iv anti inflammatory.
For me grips make massive difference. I can ride all day with protaper pillow tops and struggle to make it out of the car park with half waffles
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Old 26-03-2015
drz666 drz666 is offline
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Beating arm pump

I second the pillow top grips theory but also personally found the use of them & stegpegz eliminated my arm pump.
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Old 27-03-2015
numroe numroe is offline
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I found that a flatter bar bend helped me a lot. Less compression load on the outside of my palms. More neutral wrist angle.

Also the body warm up approach. Especially warming up the arms. One way to do this is go for a medium pace ride to bring on initial mild arm pump, then resting or light hand work for about 15 minutes or just long enough for it to subside. After that ride again and it never comes back for rest of the day.
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Old 27-03-2015
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Steg pegz and keep relaxed. Treat your grips like a pair of tits. Caress them, don't grab them!
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