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Old 16-04-2018
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Paging any concrete gurus

I have a carport that has a sloping floor in it which will soon be a garage and Id be pretty keen on a flat floor. Guessing it's not much more than pouring some concrete over the existing floor but..... ???? Any ideas how deep that would need to be at the most shallow part and and anything else I need to be aware of like somehow tying it in?

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Old 16-04-2018
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Old 17-04-2018
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I generally aim for 75mm over the highest point . Depending on the slope you can use crushed rock or packing sand to level the area up over the existing slab and pour a 90mm slab over the top if you want .. If you elect to pour directly over the top drill multiple pins in the existing slab and tie the two together , be aware sometimes youll get like a drumming from the new slab cause of the cold join .
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Old 17-04-2018
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It may help if you could measure it?
Lay a long straight edge and a level to see how sloped it is?

Is it sloped at the moment to aid in water run-off toward a gutter/drain?
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Old 18-04-2018
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Lay it on itís side?
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