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Old 04-01-2019
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Originally Posted by gasgasman280 View Post
Spac and politics......hmmmmmm is that a good mix? :P :X
I'd say yes. All arenas are better off with passionate advocates who have the greater-good in front of self-interest, no matter which 'side' they take.
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Old 04-01-2019
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And that's the problem Nutty....so many are there to inflate their pathetic egos and def dont have the greater good at heart.
I did have a laugh at your bunch of keys hanging of their belt crew and though hang on I've come across some of those and they def fit the MLW brigade.

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Old 06-01-2019
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Our mini bike club has switched over to AMA due to the fact that it was not financially viable to keep going under MA. Example a 8yo boys parents does not want to fork out $300 just so little Johnny can race his 5 mates around a track 6 times a year plus approx. $50 day fees every ride its a bloody rip off and our club forks out about $400 every ride day to MA. Our club was doomed due to rising costs and lower participation but we will give it one more year under AMA.
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