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Old 28-05-2017
stockacr125 stockacr125 is offline
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Broken SNAP RING/ retainer clip rear hub kx125

Got an issue with a 1999 kx125.

It has flogged out wheel bearings.

We've started off with the rear first and it took ages trying to pull out the bone dry rear axle (mind you it was installed the wrong way round).

Now that we have the rear wheel out, we've tried to pull in the retractable ends of the snap ring to pull it and the bearings out. Instead, both ends of the snap ring have broken off, resulting in a snap ring permanently stuck in the hub snap ring housing.

Has anyone had this issue before and how have they over come it?
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Old 28-05-2017
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gasser nate gasser nate is online now
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Lots of heat and penetrating fluid, you might have to weld something to it so you can pick it out, but the heat will probably destroy its spring action hopefully.
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Old 29-05-2017
stockacr125 stockacr125 is offline
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cheers, i'll give it a shot
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Old 29-05-2017
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if you knock the bearing back in, it might have been pushed out when you were pushing the axle out. You can drill in the middle of the circlip opposite the opening and drill through it this will make a weak point and you shuold be able to hammer a small wedge or flat blade screw driver under the ends of the circlip and bend it in to remove it.

There isnt really a right or wrong way to have the rear axle in, when racing enduros on a mx bike i always pu the axle in from right to left (the "wrong" way) this is so if I needed to do a puncture repair during the race I pulled the axle out of the wheel and then stuffed it into the muffler (YZ 426/450's) to keep it out of the dirt. Same when re installing the wheel, line it up grab the axle out of the muffler and slip it in.
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Old 29-05-2017
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I've been musing over your dilemma stockacr125 since you wrote your post.
You've managed to get yourself in a real spot; which-would vex me likewise.

"arrow" knows his stuff... ie... Initially bash the bearing away from the circlip.
I'd drill a ~1mm hole as horizontally as you can through the hub to the circlip.

I'd then use a rivet as a nail: Bash that in to dislodge & compress the circlip.
Then I'd somehow hook/lever or wedge underneath the circlip and pull it out.

A 3/32 hole shouldn't weaken your hub by much; choose a strategic spot.
It's up to you if you fill it with silicone afterwards: I likely wouldn't bother.


I see you haven't logged-on for three days stockacr125.
That-itself is not an issue as you may read it logged-off.

I would hope that you keep us up to date re. your issues.
It's not about an ego trip, atleast not for me: I'm curious.
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Old 02-06-2017
stockacr125 stockacr125 is offline
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Great ideas!

I'm going to give it all a try. Hopefully something works.
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