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Old 24-11-2016
woosha woosha is offline
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ACL x 2 now a PCL reconstruction

Having already undergone ACL reconstruction on both of my knees I've now gone an injured my PCL. Both were done with hamstring grafts. The PCL injury has been classified as a grade 2 tear, but at the time of injury both the surgeon and MRI bloke were a little unsure as to the severity, and thinking that it was almost a complete tear.

The PCL injury was now 3 months ago and the recovery hasn't gone all that well. I've had twice weekly physio the whole time and it would be fair to say I don't have much confidence in the strength of the knee. I've had an MRI today and wasn't able to see the surgeon straight after the scan so I'm booked in to see him on Monday. The quick chat I had with him was that reconstructive surgery was probably the best solution, but as I've already had hamstring grafts I'd be looking at a Patella tendon graft. From what I've read this evening, many surgeons will prefer the hamstring graft, but the patella is a very good option also.

I'm interested to hear if anyone has had a patella tendon graft. If anyone has had the unfortunate luck of 3 ACL reco's they've likely had a patella graft, or maybe someones surgeon opted for the patella in the first instance. If anyone has, how did they find the recovery? IF you've had the hamstring also, how did it compare?
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Old 24-11-2016
newlite newlite is offline
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Ive had 4 ACL ops first 2 were both hamstring R and L knee, another op to undo a bad job by another surgeon.
Then I had the patella tendon done on that knee
all good now, from my experience the patella is a bit more intrusive but apparently the knee recovers quicker.
Both work perfectly now just a bit sore to kneel on the knee of the patella op
My suggestion would be make sure you have a good surgeon first and foremost
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Old 24-11-2016
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Book in to see Dr Daniel Biggs , he's probably the worlds best knee surgeon in relation to repeat injuries like yours. Get in now before footy pre-season starts.
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Old 25-11-2016
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Am going in on Tuesday for my first knee reconstruction.

ACL, MCL and meniscus.

There are synthetic options available I'm told. Recovery is faster, but their long term durability is uncertain.
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Old 28-11-2016
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I'm about 3 months post Allograft acl reconstruction. An Allograft is using donated tissue from a cadaver, I think it was a Achilles tendon cut and shaped to become the Acl.
My surgeon seemed to think that you can get good outcomes from using donated tissue if you are over 40. From all accounts its a long way back to full recovery but at least I've got rid of the chicken legs I had after the surgery.
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Old 28-11-2016
woosha woosha is offline
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Location: On the Murray, VIC
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Thanks guys.
Patella graft it's going to be. PCL hasn't improved since original injury and I'll go under the knife again.
Thanks for the info on Dr Biggs, its good to know.
I'm pretty happy with my current surgeon. The fact my repaired ACL remained intact when the PCL let go gives me confidence in his work. He has an interest in old indian bikes, so as a fellow two wheeled enthusiast I'll stick with him.
All the best tomorrow tmac450. If it's your 1st reco they aren't as bad as everyone says. You'll just be out of action for a while and be careful until you have confidence in the knee.

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