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Old 30-05-2013
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Originally Posted by Gasman View Post
go eat some chocolate instead

appreciate the call out tho...................been a bit of one of those days..........good nights sleep needed me thinks
Whoo Hoo! I know I'm feeling better now
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Old 30-05-2013
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That's the terrible thing about depression. It closes your heart, eyes, and ears to the good around you. All the good advice in the world won't help, when the crippling weight stops you from reaching out. I guess all you can do is let them know you care.

Sounds like you're genuinely concerned Nick. So whoever you're worried about obviously has a good friend in you. Good luck mate.
"I know I was born. And I know that I'll die.

The in between is mine"

~Eddie Vedder
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Old 30-05-2013
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Best thing ive found for being down .go for a ride hard fast ride flat out even better ipod with music .ya come home feeling awsome .then go out and have s drink .
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Old 30-05-2013
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Any plans for tomorrow night? ... I can't ride for sh$t but I'm really good at talking sh$t
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Old 30-05-2013
rabskyline rabskyline is offline
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Originally Posted by Nutty Professor View Post
With all respect to you Nick, advising those suffering from depression to go and take a depressant drug (alcohol) is just madness.

Please, if you're in a bad place, Call a mate! Call a help line, last resort call me. FFS do not drink!

p.s. Nice sentiment though
Beer can make me a bit down.
Jack Daniels and spirits don't.
Weird but true.
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Old 30-05-2013
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Originally Posted by TOE - CUTTER View Post
"tough times don't last........
...............but tough people do"
Nice one, will remember that.
" good ride cowboy"

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Old 31-05-2013
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Originally Posted by cwbyup View Post
Just a reminder to all out there that no mater how bad it seems at the moment, it WILL get better.

YES at the moment it seems like there is no escape / you cant fix it / no matter what you do it just gets worse etc but this IS NOT long term.

Go out and have a laugh with a good friend, ride do what ever just get the *@#&*@#&*@#&*@#& out of the same repetitive situation that is getting you down.

Have a good Thursday night, tomorrow is a new day. Make it count.

Nice post, there's simply not enough awareness about this crippling feeling/condition.
The best thing I've found in years is riding.
A challenging, enjoyable thrash out in the bush, a laugh with fellow riders, friends or strangers you've just met that have the same awesome hobby as you.
That chuckle you have when you or them have a stack, or telling tales n talking sh*t on breaks in the loop.
Feeling alive, sucking in fresh air & being away from the monotony of everyday life.
Realising that you're not alone in the big wide world of stress, non stop challenges & disappointments in life.
Life is hard & we should try n look out for one another. Things are rarely as they seem, & there are heaps of people really struggling out there, in silence.
I know I've found a de-stresser in riding, & it's so gr8 to see people, particularly blokes on this sort of forum talking about depression, cos its a ghastly condition that needs every little bit of strength within all of us to tackle as a community, as I guarantee you someone you know, or may be close to you, is suffering right now....
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Old 31-05-2013
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When find a cure tell me , suffered this for last ten years , rapidly gotten worse last 12 months..

Riding doesn't seem to help me , well last few rides haven't done jack crap ,
Being around funny people seem to work best , especially when u can pick on them to get a laugh,

Once go back to same daytime shit job u done for over 30 years from Monday gets seriously worse each nigh until Friday again ..

Prolly be happier being a Hobo in the. Bush.

When u get in the bad state best thing to do is pour all ur alcohols down the sink before u start drinking it , because it just depresses u even more , then u get the I don't wanna live shit start happening in ur head ,

Good wife helps ,one who sees ur in trouble and takes u out for a dinner or coffe when she sees u are down ,

20 years ago I would of been at work now ready to roll,
Now I don't even want to jump in the truck to go, a day there is just disappointment ,

Think if I found a new job , one that I could still be self employed and earn enuff to survive life would be happier,

So for me I think mines work related and trickles off onto other things..

My kids make me Happy , Royce is top class , and Shelly is trouble

maybe I should of tried weed once at least lol
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Old 31-05-2013
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Your right there hori, laughter is a good medicine, alls i can say is dont suffer in silence, you need to reach out to people, friends, family and i can highly recommend speaking to a professional, majority of the time its just simply you need to change your thought process and put things into prospective. Dont think your weak for asking for help, your judgment can become clouded and a little help in the right direction will get your life back on track. Ive been through it along with anxiety and panic attacks, and come out the other side, and i love life every day. You will be suprised how simple the answers can be to solve your problems.
Help yourself and get some answers so you can move on and put that part of your life in the past.
I still get upset that my wife wont let me keep my bike in the bedroom, but sometimes you just have to compromise, thats why i sleep in the shed with it.
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Old 31-05-2013
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You be careful mate, depression hit me really bad in my 40s and I still get it bad. Not medicated any more but I can feel it coming on. Fitness and diet are the keys IMO, re-assess yours if you can. Take care mate, I don't know you from dog-doo but p.m. me any time if you want. NP.

Originally Posted by TOE - CUTTER View Post
"tough times don't last........
...............but tough people do"
Sadly just a tokenistic slogan TC, the physically toughest young bloke I've ever known hung himself this time last year. Mental strength and mental illness are two different animals brother, I know, I have both.

Originally Posted by rabskyline View Post
Beer can make me a bit down.
Jack Daniels and spirits don't.
Weird but true.
Not weird at all, you're a Scot, they are immune to a wee dram. It's a DNA thing...
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