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Old 18-01-2011
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Cambodia Trip

I am after some feed back from people that have done a trip in cambodia. I have traveled through Cambodia 3 years ago and would like to go back and do a week tour in June 2012. I have a group of 5-6 people that are interested but that may change once deposits are required.
Thanks Travis
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Old 18-01-2011
lil' nugget lil' nugget is offline
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great place

went over 3 months ago the place is great. the riding is not extreme but the adventure is 5 star email this guy thachtouch@yahoo.com he is the current Cambodian motocross champ and freelances as a guide to all the touring companies tell him Tony sent you he will look after you. Any Qs just pm me your ph and i will give you a ring cause i hate typing cheers Lil Nugget
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Old 18-01-2011
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I was looking into it too for june ish but was a bit scared of landmines and the fact I'll be backpacking with no Leatt and whatnot...
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Old 19-01-2011
Tazza Tazza is offline
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Myself and 4 mates went with these gus http://cambodiaexpeditions.com/ and they were great.

The riding itself wasnt hard, but the scenery and experience was great. The happy locals in way out villages, jungle, desert, sand, clay, camping in old temples (and being the only ones there), crossing rivers by rafts and boats, coming across illegal loggers complete with AK47s slung off their sholders.

Was a great experience and would do another ride with these guys anytime, and cant reccomend them enough.

If you get in touch with them, tell Zamen that Tazz and the Manhore group of ozzie's sent you - he'll know who you mean

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Old 19-01-2011
CJ Burns Esq CJ Burns Esq is offline
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We will let you know in a week or two.
Angie Mae and I fly out tonight and we are going with Bernie from Motorcycle tours cambodia and it should be hilarious as I am just recovered (75%) from a smashed right shoulder and TK has broken his right thumb............
We will let you know soon.
Christopher "CJ" Burns
ex Chief rabble rouser at MCC of NSW
Now freelance pain in the arse.
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Old 19-01-2011
brownE brownE is offline
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Hi Travis,
5 mates (two had been on a previous tour) and I just completed (arrived back Sun 16th Jan) an 8 day ride through the N-E area of Cambodia. Travelled from Phnom Penh through Kampong Cham, to Snuol, Sen Monorom, Kaoh Nhek, Ban Lung (inc rest day and visit to the extinct volcano), Stoang Treng, Chhep Kandal, Kampong Thum and back to Phnom Penh.
We went with Peng from Dancing Roads (Peng and Sonia), had a back up vehicle (mmm cold beer and the guys knew the first thing to do at the night stop was to get into the esky and supply us all with a few coldies), mechanic ( Jimmy Men.. just in case) and Dave Scott as assistant and interpreter (all up 11 of us at night). All good people, easy to get along with, good riders, helpful and lots of larfs.
We rode XR250's and WR250's - all in good working order (tyres Okay - would need to be replaced for the wet season, but good for the dry conditions).
Bikes were serviced each night, and didn't have to touch a spanner with the two flats we got - just sensational - would love a back up crew each time I went riding!
Peng and the crew organised everything, accomadation and meals were better than what I expected.
There was a good mixture of tracks, dirt, rock, sand, river crossings (bike, raft and boat), nowhere near as steep as Victorian areas but some great tracks and some technical sections thrown in.
We visited some temples etc. and experienced the local hospitality.
As for landmines, the areas are marked with signage, but they usually off the main tracks!
We were picked up and dropped off at the airport and the cost included one night either side of the trip at a hotel (3-4 star? Castle Hotel).
Peng also took us to a shooting range (M18's etc), the Killing Fields and S21 (Concentration camp) - very sombre experience.
Some great scenery and an experience I will never forget.

We arrived a couple of days before our trip was scheduled to start - good idea as you can get a feel for the traffic while in the bus or in a TukTuk.
Supercheap is the place we purchased alcohol - $10 slab for the local beer, Jim Beam $10 bottle and Jamieson scotch about $14 from memory (Cheaper than duty free)!
When in Phnom Penh we generally ate at the more "Westernised" places where the prices we still cheap (by comparison to Aus) but more expensive than the local eatery.
All in all a sensational trip and we are considering doing another one with Dancing Roads next year.

If your interested, contact Peng and Sonia, they will look after you.
Have a great trip
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Old 19-01-2011
yozza yozza is offline
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i have also used dancing roads in august 2008. i have been to cambodia heaps of times (parents lived and worked there for a few years) and so the traffic didn't really freak me as i was used to it. Once you work out how the traffic works and the golden rule (big always wins) it is actually really easy to get around, and probably quicker than a lot of capital cities in australia. The first time i went to cambodia there was maybe 2 sealed roads in the city and 1 set of traffic lights, even the airport was just a tin shed!! Depending on what area you visit the terrain and riding can vary greatly. XR250's are the preferred bike over there due to reliability, parts availability and simplicity.

As far as landmines are concerned, the first time i went over a saw the odd landmine sign but there not where i was walking, or i was in a vehicle. Since then i ahve rarely seen a sign. I used to go with my parents to visit villages where they worked and i would walk through rice paddies etc and never feared for my safety, in fact even in phnom penh at night etc i never feared for my safety.

In short, if you have the chance to go over there then jump at it, it is advancing at a huge rate, so i am not sure how long it will be before it loses it's charms. If you want any other advice about what to do etc feel free to msg me.
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