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Old 02-10-2016
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BMI is a bit of a crock, when I was 16 I was running everyday, cycling 20 + miles, working and eating organic veges and fish/chicken only...65 kilos and 5'10" on my frame even my weight obsessed Mother said I looked like a concentration camp victim.

At 21 I went on another rosemary stanton diet and lotsa excercise, at 75 kilos I looked underweight, the photos confirm it even now.

My body was always happy and fit at 90+- a few kilos...

That's were I'm headed now, far different shape from my 30s and even 8 years ago though

I eat pretty healthy, healthy enough to have lost 20 kilos steadily over 8 months or so, yet I only scored in the late 50s... I think they over - estimate some grains and underscore healthy fats...

anyway not one size fits all, or we would all have the exact same genome sequence, and look pretty inbred....
It's all about the impact.
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Old 05-10-2016
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Originally Posted by big orse View Post
Lmao. Always have some long life in the cupboard for special visitors.

I wouldn't consume any puss laden and chemical infused dairy if you paid me.

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Originally Posted by Pete40 View Post
I usually only drink UHT milk. Am i on a fast track to death?
This talk got me worried. Checked the label. Looks good to me.

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Old 06-10-2016
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Originally Posted by Pete40 View Post
This talk got me worried. Checked the label. Looks good to me.

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Pfft jus marketing speak for pus laden chemical infused 'milk'

Tip it down the drain n buy a cow but only feed it the expensive shite from the hippy organic food store. Your milk will work out to around $87 a litre but hot diggity itl taste good n ul live to be 120.
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Old 07-10-2016
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68 for me. Prob would have been 98 if I didn't drink 10 cartons of beer a week
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60% of the time it works everytime

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Old 25-09-2018
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BG and LDL's up a smidge from two years ago.

Not blaming my meals yet, more likely the Coke that comes in my Rum cans and an evening Potato Chip habit I've developed.
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Old 05-10-2018
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79 for me. Should change to low fat dairy - no thanks. I have already given up alcohol and eat super-healthy, I will keep my one indulgence!
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