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Old 27-03-2015
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Originally Posted by MrNoodle View Post
Bit of a longshot but has anyone got any idea what the bearing sizes and seals are for a 99 Suzuki RMX 250? They are essentially a 95 RM250 but they had a 19" wheel so I dont know/think they will have the same wheel bearings as the 18" RMX. Could try ebay but trying to stop into a bearing shop tomorrow morning to grab them for my apprentice
pull the old ones out of the hub before you go to the bearing shop..
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Old 27-03-2015
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Try linkint.com.au theres a fairly accurate fairly comprehensive 'what fits my bike' tool on the front page..

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Old 05-04-2015
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Anybody know numbers for 2011 excf?

I'm sure all modern ktm's run the same wheel bearings or am I incorrect?
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Old 06-04-2015
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I can't say that I think the KTM type hub is the best type of design for riding about in water and mud because the water gets into the center of the bloody hub and can't come out until you take the wheel off.

Other hubs the water can't stay in their.

On a MX it's fine for dry tracks.
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