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Old 13-03-2017
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Got a Lectron?

In another thread on FI 2t, Pete40 asked who had them and what they thought of them..

So to start off;

My name is Bruce and I will confess to owning a lectron carb, it is a 38mm long body that Dave from TSP sold me.

It is on a YZ325WR 2 stroke, and apart from getting a bit of a sticky float needle every so often is has performed flawlessly.

Setup took a couple of hours, haven't touched it in three years since.

Far better fuel economy over my well setup Keihin 38, just sorta set and forget.
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Old 13-03-2017
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Thanks Bruce.

The basics of a Lectron is that they don't have jets - I think. Just this tapered "metering needle".


They aren't that expensive either according to the website.

Just wondering if they are an improvement on a 2T (KTM in particular).

Lectron 34-40mm Power Jet Carburetor

Lectron 34-44mm Power Jet Carburetor

The Lectron 34-44mm Power Jet Carburetor now comes complete with adjustable power jet, Dyno tested and ready to run. Totally jet less carburetor.
No Jets!

Price: $340.00 - $385.00
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Old 13-03-2017
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From the FAQs


Should I have a power jet carburetor or not?

This is a must for a two stroke engine. We prefer to have them on all types of engines two or four stroke. The power jet carburetor can give you a wider range on tuning and also helps you fine tune top end power on all types of engines.

What is a Lectron High Velocity Carburetor?

The standard Lectron carburetor has a 2mm taper. For example a 40mm carburetor will start out 40mm and taper down to 38mm at the fuel pick up then taper back up to 40mm. The Lectron High Velocity carburetor has a 4mm taper. For example, a 38mm HV carburetor will start at 40mm and taper down to 36mm at the fuel pickup then back out to a 38mm. This carburetor was first designed for racing classes that had a restriction on carburetors size. This was Lectron’s answer to have a small carburetor work like a big carburetor. The Lectron High Velocity carburetor is also used today for bikes that do not have much “port speed”. Engines with a small amount of port speed have trouble picking up fuel efficiently this carburetor corrects that. Final note, many people put Lectron High Velocity carburetors on engines not understanding why? Just because of the name “High Velocity” they think it is a better carburetor than the standard Lectron.
Don’t confuse the issue.

My motor runs great but it does not Idle good?

The idle on a Lectron is adjusted with the metering rod. If your motor runs good except idle you will have to first determine weather it is rich or lean causing your poor idle. With engine off look at your slide height. (this is the cut away in the carb slide) If the slide height is high (all most at the end of the adjustment) then the engine is rich. If the slide height is low (all most closed) then the engine
is lean. "example motor idles poor or very or low RPM and your slide height is high. You need to lean out rod 1/4 turn reassemble and retest. The RPM should go up and you should have to lower slide. If this is not enough repeat sane step until RPM goes up." You can do the opposite if the engine races or has very low slide height.

What does the power jet do for tuning?

The power jet is for high speed tuning only. The power will kick in about 3/4 from top RPM First get the motor running good at idle and mid-range then work on the power jet. The power jet will not effect the tuning of idle, mid-range, or response on the carburetor.

Can I convert my “gas” Lectron to an “alcohol” ?

Yes, first you must have a power jet carburetor to start with. When you are using the carburetor for a 2 stroke engine you must add an additional power jet, for a total of two power jets. For a 4 stroke this is not necessary. he other modifications is changing the needle & seat and metering rod. We HIGHLY recommend using a fuel pump to keep proper fuel flow. We have found with Alcohol applications gravity feed is not sufficient.

What is the factory float level settings?

The float level can be checked in two ways. With float bowl removed and carb upside down, float "brass" arm should be parallel with the float bowl gasket surface. When carb is assembled gravity fill the carb and the float level should be between the 2 lines marked of the float bowl.
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Old 13-03-2017
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Note: always use the term "carb" when dealing with Americans.....

Otherwise you'll get...... "throw another shrimp on the carby...."

Im considering a Lectron for my Husky TE510...
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Old 13-03-2017
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Cameron, First thing to do with the 510 is to change the needle and needle jet on the Dellorto. They wear and make them a bitch to ride.
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Old 13-03-2017
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I've got a 38mm lectron that I brought off Rob at ballistics performance parts ( he's the actual Australian distributor) for my old 99 KTM 300, but had issues with the bike before fitting it up. I now have a 17 Gasser and love it but wanted to fit the lectron to it. Initially after fitting I felt it was running a bit too lean with the metering rod in it, so I then chatted to Rob and he got me to bring the bike around to his to have a tune and to change out the rod to a another size up. Now she's running like a totally different bike. Haven't had a chance to get it out for a proper run yet but I am pleased at how it's running.

From all reports that I have read these carbies should out perform FI units due to the fact they give better atomisation of the fuel giving better combustion.... But I'm no expert so I wouldn't know. These carbs have been around for close to 40 odd years so they have had plenty of time working out the bugs, and their still improving on them.

Yep love my lectron.

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Old 13-03-2017
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They are not cheap AU for a KTM try $670 you need the carb and a new cable.

no jets is a gimmick

its a metering rod, while some claim its easier to set up many also have issues.

KTMtalk has plenty of threads of people trying out different rods to get it running sweet through the whole range, not as easy as it is suggested.

On the other side lectons have very smooth power and allot of people claim its the best mod of all on a 2T.

On my husky / white KTM i need to cut the air-boot otherwise it will distort because the carb is longer.

Most threads seem to be about guys who know how a good jetted bike runs got a lectron and they chase apart of throttle range the rod is lean or rich in, because you can not adjust just one part, you must swap out different rods which is similar to swapping out jets, but most agree once set up the bike is more constant over a wider range of elevation and temps changes than a stocker with smoother power
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Old 13-03-2017
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Pete, when I was looking at bikes recently, there was a late model, very low hours KTM 300 EXC for sale. The guy mentioned he had a Lectron carb for it, which he had removed and was going to sell separately as it was worth around $600. I asked about it and he said it made a huge difference to the bike. He'd repeatedly had jetting issues and the Lectron cleaned it up completely, made it smoother and more torquey off the bottom end, better economy and so on. I don't know for sure - I'm just repeating what he said. But it sounded pretty good to me.
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Old 14-03-2017
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Got 38 'shorties' on both my bikes. Had em on there for 3-4 years now. About 7mm shorter from memory than original which distorted airboot/rubbed on shock spring. Shorty version is marginally longer than mikuni. Big improvement over mikuni(less so over keihin from most reports) in terms of smoother more linear power, much better economy & easy adjustment.

I'm shit at tuning carbs & the husky mikuni was a bandit for a bog, excessive fuel diet, plug fouling & spooge. Probably coulda jetted it out for most of it but CBF! Once the rod is set(only changed one rod on the 300 on advice) you don't really need to touch it again. Then it leaves the easy to adjust powerjet for top end(1/2 throttle plus depending on length of tube). My 300 would sit there & idle til it ran out of fuel I reckon. 165 for some reason doesn't idle as well seems to drop off after 5-10 seconds. Get hardly any spooge at 32:1 just cruising around in first/single trail. Easy to adjust PJ a 1/4-1/2 turn(1-2 MJ sizes) for deep sand or prolonged WOT
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Old 14-03-2017
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I bought a lectron for my 2014 200 a few years back and hated it. I primarily wanted it for fuel economy which I must say improved dramatically but I was not a fan of the linear power delivery. It took away the excitement factor of owning a 2 stroke.

Each to their own. If you like technical single track and hill climbing it's prob a worthwhile mod. I didn't find it any better for racing apart from fuel economy improvement.

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