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dirty1 dirty1 is offline
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Pull the oil filter out of it. Cut the element paper out of it, stretch it out and have a good look. If its picked up a cam bearing or started to eat itself internally there will be metal contamination on the filter paper. A few flecks is normal.... lots is not
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If the cam-journals have run-dry it likely would have-then chewed/ground some aluminum out of the head.
As stated above, thanks for that dirty1, inspect the oil-filter for any signs of ground-aluminum type-paste.

Run/blip the engine with the oil-filler cap off... observe & listen for blow-by which is an indication of rooted-rings.
As I've mentioned above... a screwdriver makes for a good/makeshift stethoscope with the blunt-end in your ear.

In lieu of lock-wiring as-was suggested above by Mike_H ... I'll often use a little blob of Epoxy-Putty...
It's easily chipped-off without any damage whatsoever... It's good for when threads are a bit suss too.

Speaking of Epoxy Blobs... I like/prefer my handlebar-levers to be movable/loose on the bars; yet-not to move.
I've managed to achieve this apparently duplicitous act/function via the judicious use of a blob & a grub-screw.
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Prob ok if some was still left coming out when you pulled up, but yeah - take the rocker cover off and see if there is any drag on the buckets etc. I did the same thing and ended up taking the piston out just to be sure. I don't like assuming...
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DaoRadivo DaoRadivo is offline
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Just YOLO it to the rev limiter a few times.
Originally Posted by ggchris View Post
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Excuse my ignorance... does a 2016 YZF250 have separate oil for the motor and the gearbox?

If itís just the gearbox, then my money would firmly be on there being no long term consequences.
If itís just the motor oil, or combined motor/box oil, then I agree with the popular opinion.
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thanks everyone. oil is motor and gearbox. will pull cover and check filter.cheers
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