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Old 29-06-2014
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Post Hanging up the helmet

Made it to 50 y/o just recently.
But now am giving up the bikes.
Queens Bthday weekend when riding in the forestry near home with my son and some mates and decided to do some hill climbs at the end of the day.
Nothing hard but the first one has a of a kick to it and at the top I turned to see if my son came up ok.

I was standing up arms and legs full stretch looking back and veered of track a meter or so and the bike dropped into a big erosion hole slamming me down on my face.

Straight away I new I broke my back, my body felt like it was swimming around pins and needles every were.

Ambo out to chopper and flight to Brissy.

turns out I fractured my C6 vertebrae in my neck which stayed intacted but blew out the disc. it has been pinned and a piece of bone from hip inserted.
didn't do much to my spinal cord at that point but strectched it up at C4.

all in all I'm pretty lucky
getting more movement in my left leg (had a little at start) and I now have some movement in right leg.

Arms I could move from the get go but hands have limited fine motor control but improving.

early days but looking promising and may get limited walking. hope my hands improve.

Take care and thanks for the rant.

Regards Kevin
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Old 29-06-2014
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I dont blame u for giving it away mate!!good luck with all the recovery
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Old 29-06-2014
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Best of luck with the recovery.

Look after yourself.

I treat my body like a temple..........my only downfall is that I worship Bundy Rum
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Old 29-06-2014
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All the best in your recovery mate. Been alot of hard luck about lately, has made me decide to hang up the helmet myself for a while and go see what else the world has to offer. Don't give up on the walking rehab. I believe there is a good rehab program called Walk On - http://scia.org.au/walk-on

Take care.
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Old 29-06-2014
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Hope you recover quicky mate.

Out of interest were you wearing a neck brace? If so do you think it helped? I wear one and was asked by a mate if I thought they worked, but like I told him its nearly impossible to tell till something bad happens.

Good luck with it.
2014 450EXC
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Old 29-06-2014
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Reading that bit about knowing your back was gone due to the pins/needles feeling was honestly scary to read?.

Serious question, do you really wish you gave up riding before this happened or have you come to except stuff like this happens and you just have to live your life?
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Old 29-06-2014
rabskyline rabskyline is offline
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Lot of injuries lately

Bad news and not surprised you gave it away.
Hopefully you heal up good and have a fulfilled life (no problems later).
Good luck.
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Old 29-06-2014
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Thanks for sharing Jaff.. Must have been a bit hard to write, especially so soon, but glad to hear you are already on the path to recovery. Best of luck.
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Old 29-06-2014
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all the best mate, stay positive & youll be right. the minds a powerful thing!
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Old 29-06-2014
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Sorry to hear that Kevin. Things like that happen so quickly.

Wishing you all the best with your recovery and your future
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