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Old 16-06-2008
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State Forests, State Parks and the DSE/Parks Vic

just knew he'd own a pushrodded antiquated donk
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Old 16-06-2008
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All valid points - although you did highlight some Melbourne Water Catchment Areas ...
The #1 problem is noise - all of the other 'environmental' excuses are pretty much that = excuses to justify their actions. They know that they don't have the resources to police every lawbreaker in every area so they just try to use this as a 'blanket fix'. Closing down areas only makes it worse as bike riders congregate to other areas and increase the numbers exponentially .. and if you have too many Cars, Horses, 4WD's and Bikes in one area then the chance of an accident increases by the same rate.
The locals complain and someone has to do something about it - the problem is that everyone is getting sick of doing something about it and they just want the problem to go away !
I would think that if they gave dirtbike riders better options/places to ride then most of them would go there and voluntarily keep away from the 'sensitive' areas .. and yes, i have suggested this to the DSE and Forestry Management at the 'Trail Bike Project' meeting at Broadford last week.
Time and tide . .
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Old 16-06-2008
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Parks Vic generally rates things by the following criteria-

Nation Park - Highest Conservation Value (Recreation Value - We Wish)

State Forest Park - Balanced Conservation values with "Managed" Recreational Use (Managed means- easyier to lock everyone out rather than actually do something!!!)

State Forest - Leave it to DSE but don't give them more than dozer fuel and matches!

Your plan to cut loose in the Forest Parks is foiled because PV would rather spend money on catching you than "managing" the parks so you can ride there!

Maybe if we all post in GREEN we will get better treatment
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