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Old 06-10-2005
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Exclamation WA Riding Area's

Share & discuss your Favorite area's to ride in WA


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Old 24-11-2005
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I couldn't find any points posted yet, but North bannister roadhouse is a great starting point for a ride.

I will be going this weekend hopefully so anyone up for a ride post a reply.

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Old 23-01-2006
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The best two places i ride in perth are Metro rd on the brookton hwy, and goorie rd off the gt eastern hwy.
To get to metro rd drive down the brookton hwy about 30 km after you pass the suburd roleystone. The common meeting point is about 13 km down metro rd. This is a very popular place for rides with many single tracks around.
To get to goorie rd travel east on gt eastern hwy. It is roughly 15 km from mundaring townsite. It will be on the right 1 km past old northam rd. Head down this rd and turn right at the first y junction and left at the next y junction. This is and awsome place if you like hilly single track riding. I'm there with a few mates every weekend if anyone is up for a real challenge
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Old 25-01-2006
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I know why don't we post up all the riding locations on here that are not really all that legal so the rangers and police can just keep track on what everyone is doing !!!! If your going to ride in water catchment areas its best off to keep it to yourself or those in the know. Heaps of people in these more sensitive areas will ruin it. The East coast is heavily monitored don't wreck this place too. You don't know who is watching the net. Play it like secret squirrel fellas .

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Old 01-02-2006
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i would like to have a look at this goorie rd area. Im back into riding after a lot of years
out of practice and pretty slow but keen. can only ride on sundays. im from midland area let me know if anyone goes on a sunday.
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Old 10-05-2007
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hi. im chris . currently living in the U.K and am moving to oz . perth . i have been riding for 11 years and was wondering if there are any motocross tracks or events in tor around perth . thanks chris
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Old 25-05-2007
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Im from Collie originally and have some of the best riding areas in the country at my doorstep. You guys want FUN, you ought to head to the Mornington Mills area east of Harvey. Hills and creek crossings everywhere...Hilly pine plantation and single enduro track winding all over. It has been my riding area for years only 20minutes ride from my driveway thru the scrub. Take a GPS, I know the area and I still get lost occasionally. Dont go alone either, there are some nasty dropoffs out there and you wont be the first to have the SES out looking for you.
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Old 21-06-2010
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North West (pilbara)

Moved over from Victoria 18 months ago, has never riden in Perth area, but i'm finding riding in the Pilbara awesome. Living in Tom Price, you just get your gear on, camelbak and some extra fuel and straight out the front door for riding anywhere.

Few things i've found that are different to Vic;
- Wear armour etc as the ground is hardpack with lots n lots of rocks
- Plenty of water as it gets very hot and is dry
- No tyre i've used to date can last up here. Tractionator by MotoZ did the best with 1000k's but it became flat bottomed and couldn't corner properly. I just use the retreads for $80 and get 500-600ks per rear.
- All riding is done in winter, summer = 45 deg plus and bike hates it.
- Jetting needs to be done, 700m above sea level here.

As i work for a mine, i have super detailed maps with exploration tracks etc which is handy and i use in conjunction with my gps. Racing MX or Enduro is huge up here, for 5 months every second weekend you could be racing if you wanted! Anyhow, if you live near TP and want some wicked maps send me a msg.
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Old 21-06-2010
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Hey Kuzman, I lived in Port Hedland for years and in Newman for 3 years and have been a part of the racing scene up there for about 15 or more years now.
I have moved to Vic but hopefully ill be back in your town in the next few months. Will have to catch up for a ride or travel to some races.

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Old 20-03-2011
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Originally Posted by kuzman86 View Post
i'm finding riding in the Pilbara awesome. .
Hi kuzman86, I'm also in the Pilbara, Karratha area, just getting into riding myself and have joined two local mx clubs although am interested in enduro rides too, do you know of any Pilbara clubs I could look into by any chance, or any areas around Karratha,wicham,roebourne that your actually allowed to ride cause Im finding it difficuilt getting this info. cheers
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