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Old 17-01-2018
ToddM ToddM is offline
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DRZ400 Noise vs Power

Has anyone compared side by side a DRZ with and without an aftermarket exhaust system?

If so I am curious how much difference you noticed between both power and noise.

Currently my DRZ has an FMF powerbomb header + powercore 4 (I think) exhaust with the spark arrestor installed.

In this current state it is very loud and the loud pipes saves lives debate aside I would rather represent the sport in a positive way than have an obnoxiously loud bike that annoys the community.

I have heard and ridden a stock DRZ before some time back and from memory I do not recall it being quite as loud though the power I think was only slightly less. As it was not side by side though I do not trust my very subjective judgement here so curious what you guys might think.

Side note - Same thing was posted by me on the facebook group "DRZ400 and DR650 owners Australia" and I apologise if the overlap is a bit much for anyone that visits both forums.
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Old 18-01-2018
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I had a DRZ and swapped the stock exhaust for a deafeningly loud offering from Yoshimura, as DRZ's were 'new' it was the only option available at the time.
So, not a "side by side" comparison though I can say it did improve it a little, seemed more 'snappy' and a little easier to pop the wheel over things.
That may have been influenced, in part, by being more aware of what the engine was doing due to the increased volume.
I ended up ditching the Yoshi (still have it in the shed) and fitted a much quieter Staintune pipe that still seemed to make good power.
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Old 18-01-2018
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The staintune with the dB reducer in is still loud enough to have a note and provides a good crack when tuned properly. There are a lot of systems for them that are purely for noise and pretty much just obnoxious. Itís funny one of the nicest smís I rode was a stock one!
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Old 26-01-2018
ToddM ToddM is offline
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So after some research I found that the noise could have been due to the muffler packing being worn out, so I opened it up and surely enough almost all of the packing was gone (only a very small amount towards the back end of the muffler remained).

I ordered some FMF 4 stroke packing which I installed in the muffler a few days ago. Haven't started the bike up yet but will be taking it for a quick ride this afternoon, fingers crossed hopefully it sounds a lot better and apparently I might be able to expect a power increase too. Will report back with my finding.
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Old 29-01-2018
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speedysteve speedysteve is offline
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I had standard drz with factory exhaust and my riding buddy has the same bike with yoshi system. Really, no difference. His sounds faster, but isnt.
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Old 01-02-2018
ToddM ToddM is offline
DBW Dweller
Join Date: Jan 2018
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Reporting back late, but better than never I guess.

Good news though, packing the exhaust made it significantly quieter, especially at idle. Hard to say if there is any performance difference, if there is it's minor, though the bike never really got a proper ride by me until after packing the exhaust.
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