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Old 13-01-2008
grindrz grindrz is offline
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Thanks Keg

This is exactly the info I am after for a hard to start cold 4t.

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Old 22-03-2008
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Eskylad Eskylad is offline
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A great bit of info Keg, my helmet goes off to you for giving this sort of info,
Theres nothing more frustrating than wanting to go for a ride only knowing that your beloved is not running like she should, I've recently bought a '07 TE510 and she runs sweet, I race remote control 1:8 scale nitro buggies aswell and I spend alot of time tuning my mates buggies so they can get out and have some fun, alot of things are better done with two or more people. The bike shops don't give this info up so easily and its a good reference point to start from.
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Old 01-10-2009
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yeah cheers for the info. i have no problems with my jetting at the moment except for slight popping on decel but i think that is from holes in my exhaust. i am worried about leaning the mix out when i get a new exhaust. but from what ive read and how my bike is atm it should be ok i think. i will monitor it and adjust it according to this thread.
cheers again
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Old 25-06-2010
sportyjackson's Avatar
sportyjackson sportyjackson is offline
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Thanks for this it is really helpfull.
Ive wound out the air screw a whole turn on my sons jr 80.
It really cleared up the bottom end, Do i need it check the plug doing this?
Also how carefull does one have to be not to run to lean and cause engine problems.
Thanks again for great post.
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Old 12-10-2011
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Clancy1988 Clancy1988 is offline
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Great help! Thanks Keg!
No bike in my shed anymore
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Old 13-10-2011
>moto<'s Avatar
>moto< >moto< is offline
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Ummmm.....I think your first post should at least include needle choice/clip position. It's a massive factor, easy to change and provides a much better method of tuning.

I realise you want to keep it simple, but covering altitude and temperature corrections without even mentioning the needle choice/clip position seems counter intuitive to me.

Other than that, nice job
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Old 13-12-2012
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youngfella youngfella is offline
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Thanks Keg.

Very interesting read. I will be reading in finer detail if I feel my bike starts to run incorrectly.

Information is great.

Receiving it for free is 'Priceless'.

Well done and

2010 KTM 300

"Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize your wrong?
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Old 03-01-2013
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n_green n_green is offline
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Good read to understand basic function of the carb

This link is a good read as it assists in understanding the way the carb works. Also has some pretty pictures in it.

2014 Gas Gas EC300R E start

2011 Gas Gas EC300
2004 KTM300EXC
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Old 26-01-2013
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Originally Posted by n_green View Post
This link is a good read as it assists in understanding the way the carb works. Also has some pretty pictures in it.

Excellent guide, this and the OP info is just what Im after atm, thanks
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Old 29-01-2013
cwbyup's Avatar
cwbyup cwbyup is offline
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Thanks very much to the OP for spending the time writing all this down. Its very helpful to any one new to 2T tuning.

Just wondering if there is an way to tell the differance between Lean & Rich between idle and 1/4 throttle.

Having trouble working out which way I should be going with Pilot Jet size.

Thanks very much.

Cheers Nick
" good ride cowboy"

Haulin Class Trailers
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