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Originally Posted by Tom68 View Post
One piece of advice, get a Coronary Artery Calcium Score.

Wouldn't matter if you were the 80 year old sitting on a couch all your life drinking, smoking and eating cake, you'd probably still make it to 90. But as an active person you need to know you don't have significant atherosclerosis. Blockage heart attacks can do a lot of damage, I'm a candidate for a blown aorta, not the worst way to go they tell me.
There's plenty of research to show a high diet of eggs reduces bad cholesterol.

I'm not bothered by it really.
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I was eating up to 20-30 eggs a week and it didn't affect my cholestorol.

Nutrition is a misdireciton of our attention away from what really matters. (Provided you eat relatively whole foods and exercise).

They don't really understand how any of it really effects us because most of it is psychological. There's a good ted talk on how the food pyramid should be redesigned to factor in meaning, purpose, belonging etc.

Do you think the people that survived aushwitz and lived to 100 were micro managing a keto diet ? they lived on gruel. Soldiers in the WW that ate year old green biscuits in abandoned trenches still managed to live to ripe old ages if they survived well psychologically.

The body operates completely differently depending on how it is perceiving stress (the reason you say grace before a meal was to activate the parasympathetic system and increase nutrient absorbtion through the act of gratitude). They've even shown in strength tests that people are physically weaker after telling a lie than the truth.

If single people don't live as long as married people, do you think that has anything to do with the amount of eggs they are eating

Still so much to learn with nutrition. Have a read of the placebo effect and open up to how much of it is mental and ditch the studies. Your own body will tell you what works and what doesn't.
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Great post Disco. I think you're on the money.
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What the hell are you blokes eating all these eggs in??

I love eggs but not sure i could eat 20-30 in a week!
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Originally Posted by pecker View Post
What the hell are you blokes eating all these eggs in??

I love eggs but not sure i could eat 20-30 in a week!
Pretty easy if you have an omelette every morning
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