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Old 24-06-2012
lil' nugget lil' nugget is offline
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it200 1985 good and bad points

Thinking of getting one off my mate dont know why just shitz and giggles i suppose its in awsome condition and can redgo it. Is it a good little single rocket or do i like due to low seat height.
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Old 24-06-2012
ktm charlie's Avatar
ktm charlie ktm charlie is offline
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goes ok no good brakes or boingers though.. i think you will still be quick on it
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Old 24-06-2012
Nathax Nathax is offline
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It's a blast from the past it has no bad points.
Next year I'm going to look around and see if I can put together a retro set of KDX, PE, IT 250's.
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Old 24-06-2012
hillbilly450's Avatar
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just buy it and put it with the others.

Dont ride it though, its nearly 30 yr old and wont last long with your tlc.

Is it Stu's one?
Wallowing in my ingorance 😎
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Old 24-06-2012
coley13's Avatar
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Only bike i ever rode that was possesed. It started up in the back of the ute all by itself. I shit you not. Try kicking the bugger though and you would be there all day.

Had a locked throttle, no kill switch, no brakes. Ever tried stopping a one by pulling a plug lead when it's reving it's tits off? Not fun. Looked like a mad scientist afterwards from the multiple electric shocks.

Needless to say this bike was a heap of shit, maybe a decent one is better. Too scared to try one again though.
13 isnt unlucky, i just keep falling off.
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Old 24-06-2012
wazza's Avatar
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I had one from new and the kick start shaft broke inside the cases, apparently it was a known problem with them, although not real common.
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Old 24-06-2012
tonyhilux's Avatar
tonyhilux tonyhilux is offline
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Had an IT 200 L years ago that had CR250 forks, wheel and disc brake on it. Was a hoot to ride. Regret getting rid of it. No issues in the reliability stakes.
Riding is living, everything else is just waiting.
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Old 24-06-2012
Spac's Avatar
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By the standards of the day:
Good suspension, good brakes (for drums), reliable.
Cramped riding position, vague steering, motor doesn't like to rev.

They're not a bad old bus - bit of a cult bike, and usually priced like a cult bike... Anything under ~$1800 for a clean example is good buying.

Plastics are the hard bits to get - this is why you see so many with late model YZ guards jammed on .
Mechanicals are available.

The 84 models broke barrels. Apparently the 85s were fixed.
Everything from an XL175 to a Beta 300 to a Hodaka Wombt to a KX500.
They're all fun.
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Old 25-06-2012
Steak Face's Avatar
Steak Face Steak Face is offline
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This was the first 'big' bike I ever rode, back in ~1988ish. I was about 13 and used to riding my mates XR80 and YZ80 at his farm - which always used to scare the crap out of me hitting powerband (the yz).

Anyway, a mate of my mates dad came out to the farm and brought out his IT200. My mate was too small to ride it so I had to (the XR was out of action). I was so worried riding this thing, it was soooo big and had an engine over twice the size of what I was used to.

After a while I was feeling a bit more confident and having a few little drags against my mate on the YZ. He kept beating me Until I held the IT open a bit longer!! Whoa, that thing flew...... smashed the YZ, thank god there was nothing in the way to hit.

After that my love and desire for a DT200 or KDX200 was there. Unfortunately never owned one, ended up on 125 MX'ers instead.

True story.
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Old 25-06-2012
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Originally Posted by wazza View Post
I had one from new and the kick start shaft broke inside the cases, apparently it was a known problem with them, although not real common.
Yep ,, Had an '84 L model and the kickstart shaft also broke

Was a great bike up till then , one of my faves

The kickstart shaft is hollow and goes right through the cases to the left side from memory.
I think you also have to split the cases to replace the jigger as well
The best track is the one I haven`t ridden yet!!!!
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