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Old 10-01-2018
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SWM RS500 running problems

Hi, Guys.
I have owned a RS500 for almost 2 years now. Firstly, this is a great bike, great styling and touch as they come. Yep, of course it's a Husky under the skin but SMW will make it unique in time. I have a few queries/ questions regarding some running issues it has.
Bike has still got twin mufflers and is basically standard apart from gearing changes.
Also i am looking at fuel mapping hardware (power surge x6 from main jet)

1. Bike has a random heat issue, bike gets hot even just riding down a fire trail. Then fan comes on then bikes starts to falter in the 1/4 to 1/2 throttle range. Pull the plug and it is running black. Have had the bike back to the shop to have TPS and Map reset. Ran fine for a while then it came back again. Note: The Lambda sensor failed about 8 months in and I wasn't going to pay $475 for a new. I was informed it didn't need one. The tech who worked on it races one, he doesnt run a sensor. But then he isn't slow either.
Question.. Does this bike need a O2 Eliminator to give base line resistance to the ECU to set mixture. Every other bike I know of in the Husky range at least has an upgrade plug the goes into the O2 wiring.
One point to note, this bike share the TE510 gene but it is not all Husky. I am trying to understand what is different.. ECU, Sprockets, Plug In's etc... I have spoken to Ibeat dudes in the states and they are itching to know more about this bike.
As I stated at the beginning, this bike is awesome, it will take a flogging all day every day. It's just mine has some teething concerns that need to be address.
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