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Old 04-11-2004
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Ignorance isn't bliss...please enlighten me

Thanks Terry for the earlier advice.
Please excuse my ignorance, but could you please provide some clarifications:
1. I am a "short-a*se" (81cm inner leg with boots on) and could not stand up when stopped - particularly on uneven ground - so much so that I actually dropped the bike a couple of times when trying to stick a leg out. So I checked the static sag (was 100mm) and thought I would adjust it by 3 turns out (~4.5mm to give ~95mm static), and also set the front forks up "1 notch ring length" in the triple grips (to level it out?).
I can now at least just touch ground almost comfortably when stopped, but it occured to me that doing this might actually set a higher pre-load on the spring? Your advice to set the static to 105mm (~5mm over max in the manual) would then make the spring "softer"?? And I think I understand that to set the front forks level in the triple grips will even it up...and make the steering less "twitchy". Will the rear set to 105mm SS then compress more when I sit on the bike, so I can touch ground even easier?? (I know that seems Irish).
2. The front clicker settings you recommend, in summary, seem to indicate Fork Compression 4 clicks stiffer than std, Fork Rebound 2 clicks softer than std - so over bumps it will be slower to compress but extend faster?
I think I understand that with my weight, it will make the bike feel more positive in steering, and 'track' better.....?
3. The rear clicker settings you recommend, in summary, seem to indicate Low compression 3 clicks softer than std, High Compression the same as standard and rebound 2 clicks softer than standard. Will this make the rear drop more when I sit on it, and 'less harsh/softer' when riding?

Is the above, compared to 'standard setup as per the AU manual settings' and my inner leg length and weight still what you intend for me to do?

Could you please define "Low and High Compression", and explain what the effect of the recommended settings might be compared to the standard setup? What should I notice?

If the height continues to be an issue, is 'lowering' an option? (cost???). Or is the alternative to trade it on an 05 wr250F that is supposed to be 10mm lower seat height?

Lastly...do you recommend I fit a Scotts steering damper?

Thanks again in advance for your patience with a newby novice that asks too many questions!
Peter....'05/06 CRF450X, '04 WR250F, DSMRA#2446, ClubMUD#175
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Old 04-11-2004
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I know what you mean for short riders the WR handles like a pig. I see they may have fixed the problem on the 05 not just the lower seat hight but the change to the frame will make a big diffence. The first thing i did was to put a on a softer spring, revalve and put 3mm spacers in the shock this lowered the bike 9mm. I then raised the fork through the clamps 19mm theres a trick to this i can let you know later. The last thing i did was what you can do first, undo the bolts on the bottom of the subframe and elongate the holes this will lower the seat about 10-15mm.
if you want i can let you know more later.
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