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Old 25-04-2016
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Broken collarbone

On Saturday I thought I'd try my hand at gymnastics. Hit a dip on a fire trail which popped the rear wheel up and launched me over the handlebars. Not that I remember it, but the guy behind me said it looked like a no-hander triple cartwheel with only my helmet and boots making contact with the ground. I need to work on my landing though as it appears landing on my head with my full body weight following isn't the way to go.

Thank god I was wearing my neck brace otherwise my neck surely would have snapped, but instead my right collarbone took the brunt. I think it is pretty cool how they can do a 3D rendering of your CT scans so you can actually tell what is clearly not right. Even to my untrained eye the bone is clearly broken in multiple places.

... and then to remove the rib cage to only show the shoulder and broken collarbone is cool. It's a bloody mess

I was kept in Shoalhaven Hospital yesterday night for observation and released in the morning. Endone is great but even it cannot mark the pain of the broken bits grinding together. I plan on seeing my GP tomorrow to get a referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon to see if they can pin/rod/glue/screw/whatever the thing back together for a quicker recovery.

The helmet, unsurprisingly, will need to be replaced with scarring and a small crack in it.

The hospital thought I needed to upgrade my kit too so they cut off my shirt and pants Oh well, I had my eye on some Moose Sahara stuff anyway
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Old 25-04-2016
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Looks like an epic get off man. That collarbone makes my bruised ribs feel better!

What did the docs say bout the neck brace? Do they believe it saved a spinal injury?
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Old 25-04-2016
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OUCH... I can see the problem in that scan.
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Old 25-04-2016
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ct scans are cool i did 15 breaks 10 weeks ago and had ct scan because doctor couldn't work out the number of breaks.

hope you recover and get back on the bike soon.
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Old 25-04-2016
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No biggie collar bone is sacrifical. Feels weird to have bones floating around for a few weeks. I'd say your lucky if your joints and scapular are ok. 6 weeks to get back on a bike. Or 2-3 weeks taking it easy maybe.
Surgery can be hit and miss, best to just have a bump and let it heal you will be back riding sooner. I have a really big bump on mine. Pm me if you need any more info as I just went through all this recently and then broke my scapular few weeks ago on same side because I was wearing shoulder wearing armour I reckon. Yep endone is awesome for your mental health instead of feeling sorry for yourself but not much better than neuofen and panadol extra for pain

Last edited by Bente; 25-04-2016 at 10:05 PM.
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Old 26-04-2016
jpgibson jpgibson is offline
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regarding surgery ( I work with an orthopaedic surgeon), the only indication really is to get back to full function a bit quicker. Many patients will have another operation to remove the plate as it is irritating for some. Otherwise just let it heal as per the above post.
Good luck, the worst bit will be the waiting and remembering not to sleep on your right side!
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Old 26-04-2016
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Wowsa! That's no good. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Old 27-04-2016
blindmandave blindmandave is offline
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Get well soon Arctra, hope you're back riding soon.
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Old 01-05-2016
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Yep best wishes, I notice not much sympathy from not motorcycle people when I get hurt. Sorry if my previous comment sounded harsh. Sincere Best wishes even though I don't know you
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Old 02-05-2016
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Can't wear my fav summer dress, but here is my collar bone 1 yr healed very strong at 6 mths
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