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Old 18-01-2018
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I always enjoy reading owner set up tips and reviews, plenty of good ideas out there in dirt bike land.
Im just an athlete trapped in a fat body.
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Old 10-02-2018
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So the first breakage of the airbox was back in September last year. Finally it seems we might finally have a resolution......

So the original bike (Scorpa Tride 250F) was designed for the WR250F engine, which when compared to a 2 stroke, the carb sits much higher in the frame. As a result, the airbox outlet & manifold sit higher up.

When they redesigned the bike for the sherco 290 trials engine, they had to design a dogleg manifold to lower the air inlet to the carb by about 80-100mm. It seems like this dogleg might have put some additional stress on the airbox outlet and caused it to break. It also looks like there isn't enough material there and the clamping pressure has probably contributed to the airbox breaking as well.

As well as this, the original trials and Xride 290's were fitted with a 26mm dellorto carb, which has a ~40mm inlet. Later bikes were fitted with 28mm Keihin carbs, with a larger ~50mm inlet. For some reason, despite a revised manifold being available, our bikes were fitted from the factory with the dellorto manifold which required it to be stretched to fit onto the Keihin carb. Both our bikes have split manifolds from being stretched over the larger inlets.

So some larger manifolds are being sent down, as well as a top end kit for my mates bike. The dealer is also organising an aluminium insert to strengthen the airbox outlet from the inside.

I've barely done 300km on the bike, so i'm pretty keen to get it back and go for a ride!
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Old 18-02-2018
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It's a bit sad when what is meant to be a well engineered product gets shown up like this!
I wonder what the guys at the factory where thinking when they came up with that solution? Surely they must have encountered they same issues at some point and then to persevere with something that brakes is just stupidity.
Ah well, at least you are getting to the bottom of it and it is getting sorted
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Old 18-02-2018
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Sherco X Ride

Apparently they havenít seen the issue before.......

Issues aside Iím still pretty happy with the bike. I think Iíd prefer it to the xtrainer or freeride though Iíve only spent a small amount of time on the XT and a 350FR

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