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The part that annoys me is when they put a gate up and say "for management vehicles only"

Then what is the point of the forest if no-one bar a few Park Rangers ever get to see it????

Doesn't help matters when the d!ckheads go to the bush and dump their rubbish or set fire to sh!t for no reason other than they are ignorant d!ckheads.

We were riding the other day and there was an entire tent left behind...I'd guess the ******s broke a pole or tore/burnt a hole in the material so they just left it there.

I ended up picking up a set of work-boots (still usable), a set of MX-boots (had a couple of broken buckles), a 4L bottle of motorbike oil (empty), and half a dozen 1L water bottles to bring home and put in the trash.

Some people have zero respect and should have been drowned at birth.
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Hmm, an interesting dichotomy. I love nature, and koalas are one of my favourite animals, but I also love dirt biking.

The reality is there is abundant wildlife that we affect when riding in the bush (that is never seen, or sometimes is), so I feel lucky to be able to ride in most places. Affecting not in a major way though.

As for koala habitat, I like the idea of protecting it. In all my travels I've not seen many areas where you can spot them. Their habitat also seem to be in small pockets but I'm by no means an expert. And I've only ever seen them up a tree in the wild lol

So while I'm all for protecting the little champs, it would suck if a lot of good riding spots were shut down. Like others have said, land clearing is much more damaging. Some suburbs in SE Queensland have been built in koala habitats.

It doesn't help when so many people don't value the bush, or land in general, with littering etc.
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