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Exercises for riders

Quite a good YouTube video with tips on strengthening exercises for dirt bikers
I do most of these and I think press ups are another good basic exercise .

Rowing is good

What do you like to do for back strength ?

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vid dont work
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Do a mono
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I think the basic posture message is good - ie not hunching back , keeping it straight and pivoting the hips . A lot of guys hunch their backs.
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I did some videos with Mr Bergman recently going through simple drills for riders. Basically came up with chin ups, push ups and bodyweight squats for those not wanting to hit the gym and deadlifts, squats, pull ups and overhead press for those who go to gyms.

For cardio I'm a fan of rowing as it works your whole body a lot more than an exercise bike, and running can be tough on knees for anyone carrying a bit of weight.

I'm on the fence on mountain bike riding. Reckon it's too close to riding that it puts your balance / timing out a bit as you have to readjust when you're back in the saddle. Maybe good riders wouldn't have this issue, seems to throw me a bit.
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I'm not riding at the moment and focusing mainly on shoulder strengthening exercises as I'm sick of my shoulders dislocating.

I have a series of exercises which I do everyday with a resistance band. I wish I had begun doing this 6yrs ago after my first dislocation but I was lazy and just liked riding.

I'm using a "Thera-band" which comes in different levels of resistance. The lowest one (doubled over) is making my mucles burn which is a good representation of how weak my shoulders really are. I plan to work my way up through the bands until I can do the exercises with the hardest one, maybe then I will ride again. In the mean time, I will have very clean and well maintained bikes

Originally Posted by LAPPER View Post
What do you like to do for back strength ?
I drive a wheel dozer. Rough & bouncy thing it is. Keeps my back good.
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There's way more to rider-specific exercises than you think. There's a rider-specific gym in SoCal near Maddo's house called Rockwell Training Facility.

If you YouTube them you'll see heaps of exercises, a lot developed by guys like Aldon Baker, Paul Chek and Ryan Hughes just for riders.

So many pro riders in Temecula Valley that it makes a riders gym a going concern. Pretty amazing. Paul Chek would be the most knowledgable person on human function I've ever met.
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Good to kettlebells get a mention. I've been yelling their praises for years..

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I do 2 x gym HIiT session per week plus 150kms a week cycling between roadie & mtb.

Gym sessions are high intensity 6 week programs & then I change it up.

Doing at present
5 mins rowing (30 secs sprint)
5 mins spin bike (as above)

40 secs keetleball swings
30secs push-ups
30 secs chin ups
20 secs ab press

Repeat 4 circuits 15 secs rest in between.

It makes you sweat like a mutha.
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