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Old 13-08-2019
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Loctite 406 is my go to for any lifting sole.

And sometimes any of the contact adhesives if I hace the time to properly clean, prep and clamp.

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Old 14-08-2019
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Well they arrived lots of plastic pretty comfy straight away the top silicone strap allows the boot flex well. The toe box is large will have to see how it goes however it reminds me of the TCX Comp Evo Michelins I had which ai hated and wrecked a sole in around 20 hrs.

Other options Tech 7's maybe if the sole piece is easy to replace seems it is for now the 10's no longer have the replaceable section. Sidi SRS but I'm hesitant on the Sidi as the last set I had fell apart but the sole idea is great.

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Old 14-08-2019
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Originally Posted by DV8 View Post
What glue do you use ?
Something Sellys from the cooked Sausage dispensary on a Saturday.
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Old 01-09-2019
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Yeah I haven't had a lot of success with superglue/ cyanoacrylates for holding soles on as they are brittle. I'm surprised you put Shoe Goo in the bag with the dud glues as it's my go-to for gluing soles etc. Shoe Goo (or Goop UV Marine or E6000 or whatever) is incredible stuff. However I thin it a bit with Xylene so that it's a bit more runny. Plus, I leave it for about a week to cure if it's covering a big area. If the surface isn't clean it's important to give it a good rub back with Xylene.
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Old 02-09-2019
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Well update on the Fox Comp R's good value for $250 my son has taken them from me I ended up with Gaerne SG12"s. It went like "hey Dad nice boots can I try them" you all know what happened next

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