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Old 20-01-2006
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Hanging on

I changed my girps 2 day ago and they where glud on. I thought this was going to be easy like the adb manual dvd showed us. Of course not. First i tried to yank them off nope i relised that they where glud on. alright i told myself just do what the people did on the dvd cut them off. still wouldent come off. i tried and tried for half an hour. Sat down got a can of drink. Then grabbed the stanley knife and cut into them like ninga. Took me 1 hour to get the left grip off. Yes only 1 grip. Got the new one and tried to push it one got stuck of course and i was pullen at it still would not come off so i got the pilers pulled at them did not come off. I thought a little and got an idea blow into it and it worked. Then my pop comes in and said hot water. oh now i run in and get some hot water put it for a while then i get it on finally. Now on to the throttle side i tried to save the grip this time because i thought i was not glud on because i broke my throttle tube and got a new one and it had a grip on it. started to hack into it againtook a little less time But i still took me long enough to want to rip my hair out.
got the new grip on and the gaint pressure released.
Graped a another drink and fell a sleep in the garage on a chair
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Old 20-01-2006
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Old 20-01-2006
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Mate easiest way i have found is if you have a compressor, line the grip up how you want it to sit when its on, stick the end of the blow gun from the compressor in the end of the grip, hit the air button and push it on, easy as sh1it and takes about 10 seconds
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Old 21-01-2006
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electrical tape around the handlebar then drop some fuel on there, then slip the grip on.

after about 1 hour the fuel and the tape and the grip fuse together...voila!

it works and it's cheap!

i hate wire pokeing into my hand from wiring grips on!!

takeing grips off is easy"elbow grease and razor"
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Old 21-01-2006
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putting on the grip!

go to your local tobbaconist and get some lighter fluid pour some into the grip and slosh around and then push it on give it 20 minuits or so and it will not move ever again, the ligher fluid melts the rubber slightly ans when it evaporates it sticks to the bar
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Old 21-01-2006
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some great ideas here Wish I asked the question 2 weeks ago before I did mine . Harris dual layer grips are great to ride with, but can be a pain in the arse to install. I tried to use glue, but even using a coimpressor the inner layer of the grip buckled as I was putting it on. They are now tie wired on and dont move.
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Old 21-01-2006
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Hair spray works good too
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Old 21-01-2006
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I've had some success with shoe glue but it doesn't sound as promising as the lighter fluid or hair spray. The shoe glue after about 5 to 6 rides lets go, so I just reglue, but will try the lighter fluid with the next set of grips.
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Old 21-01-2006
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Compressor & lock wire. Easy as!!!
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Old 21-01-2006
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hair spray is the best. easy on, easy off. never had a problem
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