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dbw's Junior Dirtbikers For the youngsters that will be roosting the rest of us one day.

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Old 25-06-2015
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CRF150-R Your thoughts and feedback please

Hi all,

I am heading down the path of getting my son his next bike, he is 11 in a few weeks, has been riding for 6 years, bush only.

We like the look of the CRF150 R, but my concern is him being able to start it.

He can kick an 80 2 stroke, he could kick his TTR 90 with ease, but a CRF is a different matter.

He is tall, 5'2", but very light build for his size ( about 32kg)

How hard are they to start?

Are they worth the effort?

The other option is a Power valve engined 85, an RM, KX or KTM.

He like the 4 stroke in the bush, he likes the torque, he like hill climbs, but I am not spending my entire ride getting off my bike to start his.

The electric start CRF, KLX, DRZ's dont interest me, the suspension and brakes and the weight are just not what I am looking for.

I am leaning more and more towards a very model late 2 stroke, the local Suzuki guy offered me an New RM85 (2014) for $4700 with an extra's pack, I know they are not the latest and greatest in the race world, but I am getting tired of looking at clapped out bike for $3000

If anyone knows of a decent option please let me know.
Hunter Valley, NSW Chris
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Old 25-06-2015
OMC OMC is offline
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Check out the specs on the AJP PR3 mx pro.
Only a little bit taller and heavier than the crf150r

240cc air cooled 4 stroke with electric start.

This would be a hill climbing machine for the little fella.

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Old 25-06-2015
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A friends son races his CRF150, had a bit of a ride with him and he had that thing singing.
They seem to be a great bike.
At 11yo he's going to be changing rapidly, sometimes seemingly overnight.
If he seems like the kind of kid who accepts a bit of a challenge he'll get the starting thing happening and may only need a hand when he's stuck on a hill etc.
Has he ever ridden a MX focused two stroke?
If he's only ridden 4's the RM might put him off, I'd try and get a spin on one for him before committing.
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Old 25-06-2015
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Battered Sav nailed it.

...shop around .........prices on 85s and 150s are tumbling and Suz and Yam are throwing in lotsa goodies with their respective 85s. I did see a superceded Yz85 for $4g in Vic on Bikesales so why buy secondhand.
Kids are pretty adaptable when it comes to switching to a two stroke and learning to rev it, but there always will be a learning curve that takes times.
If he can cope with the extra pork of the 150 then ur in.
We never had much problem with our 150 when it comes to starting it.

The other thing I would do is get a big wheel. And get it laced up with the small wheel combo. When the little bugger grows(as they all do) you can drop in the big wheel combo back in

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Old 25-06-2015
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Went for a ride with a mate and his young bloke, 12 and a similar build to your son. He came off an older rm80 that he was riding the tyres off of but he did struggle a bit on tech/hill climbs (Rides his old mans rm250, pretty loose kid) but loved the 150 in the bush.

It was a borrowed bike so not sure what it was maintained like but had a bit of trouble starting it at first, tho he worked it out fairly quick.

Was race tuned apparently and lacked in the bottom end but pulled for days once the revs came up. Would be hard pressed to go past one for a young bloke in the bush I recon

"That is a man suffering from the pleasure of riding a motorcycle"
"That is a man suffering from the pleasure of riding a motorcycle"
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Old 25-06-2015
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My young bloke has the 150 rb he's 14 and like your young fella built like a rake, its been a great bike great suspension plenty of stick, he's nearly ready to step up, saving for a kato 200.
They have a bit of notoriety for eating valves but I think more when raced, i had his done when I bought it, checked em 18months later still in spec.never really had too many issues starting it, does struggle on side of a hill at times but its character building
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Old 25-06-2015
Eugene's Avatar
Eugene Eugene is offline
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Posts: 82
Thanks to all for the input.

He has never ridden an MX'r 85 and I am worried it will throw him big time and scare him, hence the desire to get a 4 banger.

I know he will adapt and learn to start the CRF, they look to be a great thing.

I will look at the AJP too, never heard of them but a bit of reading will soon see how they stack up.

A New RM85 was very nearly bought with a spare set of small wheels, I may still go that way, but the CRF in the bush would be great.

Too many decisions, I may even be able to claim a new one on my tax (self employed), that would make it super cheap.
Hunter Valley, NSW Chris
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Old 25-06-2015
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Ive had three 150RBs over the past 5 years. The 2009 I bought for my son when he was 11 is still going (a friend bought it for his kid) and has over 200 hours on it (2 piston changes in that time)
All were set up for bush riding. They start fairly easily, my daughter had one also from age 11 to 14 and she could kick it no worries. They soon learn if it falls over it floods and the procedure to get them restarted. The hot start lever is useful too.
I thoroughly recommend them. They are a lot better and more robust than I thought they were going to be. Valve clearances need a check and perhaps a reshim every 30 to 40 hours. Piston and rings at 65 hours or so (everyone has an opinion but that?s my regime) The power is zippy and it pulls hard but it is a motocross bike and does not have a heavy flywheel weight of the little TTR or CRF80/100 engines.
A sidestand, barkbusters and getting the tuning spot on are the main things I added. They only hold a tea cup of oil for the engine (and same for the separate gearbox) so check the oil regularly ? as in after each big ride)
I wish I had one when I was 11!!!
Current: 250 & 125 2T & 250 4T
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Old 25-06-2015
Playwme Playwme is offline
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Awesome little bikes. I'm hoping my stepson will still be keen by that age so I have an excuse to buy one.
You might need to search a bit but if you could find a nice clean KX100 I reckon they're the best of the smaller 2 strokes for kids. Bit more off the bottom end than the 85's make them pretty good for bush riding.
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Old 26-06-2015
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How keen is he on riding? We were only talking about this the other day as at the mx tracks over here, 150s are few and far between. Everyone is keeping their kids on 2 strokes in the hope it improves their skills in the long run, plus the added bonus of cheaper maintenance. Not sure how that will transfer to the bush setting, but if he is a quick learner, determined kid, am 85 could be good
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