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Old 22-10-2018
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VICCO invasion 2018 (dalmaniacs)

well, havent posted one of these in a little while..... havent posted a ride on here for a while and this one wasn't posted either.

anyways - the tracks are still here, still open, still rideable, still as challenging as you want. anyone want a challenging ride on the south coast hit me up.

robktm, anthony1978, spock, becky, shaggy and triston made the trek up to the south coast of nsw this past weekend.

they did approx 70km of flowing single on saturday before the gigantic thunderstorm hit. i didn't ride but heard it was epic. shaggy threw his bike on top of anthony and another bloke got stuck in vines and was suspended a few feet off the ground but apart from that there was no carnage. rutman put on a bbq lunch for the boys at stony creek.

sunday was a beautiful sunny day, nice and warm with a light southerly breeze which kept the humidity down. the ground was soaked from the rain on saturday night which made it interested.

they wanted hard tracks so we hit road of bones first, where spock dented his clutch cover and the clutch was rubbing making a horrible noise. cody took the rest of the group onto the start of botox and i took spock to the top so he could have plenty of time to try to fix the cover before the group ascended botox. and yeah - it took the group a solid hour and a half - 2 hours to get through. i looped back around and swept the track as i didn't want to miss the carnage. i saw at least 2 loop outs, cody had to ride a couple of bikes up for others.

then we headed over to prospector and went the "easy" way down it........ robktm popped his starter fuse and stopped to fix it, i kept going and stopped at the top of a pinch as i knew there would be carnage, which there was. cody had 2 goes, 2nd time i caught his bike before it rolled back down on top of him. had to also drag nearly everyone elses bikes up the chicken line as there were heaps of exposed roots. then we carried on through the rest of the rocky water fall of a track till the final pinch where shaggy and rosey threw there bikes into the vines.

after that i hinted that the next track was to be 730, and that put the wind up a few riders and they headed home and the last 9 of us descended into what was to be the last track of the day. here there was multiple amounts of swearing, bike throwing and general carnage - especially at the final hill. i took my turn of riding other peoples bikes out. spock nearly went off a bank, just lucky me and cody were there to jump and grab him before he went over. trying to get his bike back on track took lots of lifting and revving which in turn popped his head/base gasket and lost some coolant and generally cooked the bike i think. we got to the chicken exit which is just before the start of the hardest part of the track and the whole day up to now. i couldn't convince anyone to follow me through except cody. so everyone took the chicken track out to the road and me and cody rode the last 500m of single and up hyundai hill. this was the hardest ive seen it - theres a good pinch to start the hill covered in roots as you need to pass through 2 large trees. the roots were like ice and once you were past them the hill keeps going for another 200m with switch backs and all slick black dirt. i made it clean but could tell it was exceptionally tricky due to the wetness in the soil. i expected cody to be right behind me as he usually never needs assistance. i waited at the top for 15 mins and he finally appeared - looked pretty beat tho.

the rest of the group met up here and they headed straight back while me and cody single trailed it back through scenic single till he cramped up then we took the road the rest of the way.

i think we may have completed 12km of single by 3pm.
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Old 22-10-2018
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Saw the pics, looked good
All I ever wanted was a spamburger.
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Old 23-10-2018
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Sounds epic! Iíll get down your way one year.
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Old 23-10-2018
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Thanks Matty,
those torture machines you call single track are too much fun to put into words.
I have been to a few different spots in Aus and I vote your back yard as my favourite, if I could surf your front one may get a vote.
Looking forward to next time I get up your way.

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