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Old 16-10-2019
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Can a Rekluse be tuned to reduce engine braking

Have heard some rumors that a rekluse auto clutch can be tuned to reduce engine braking. Have an idea for a 4 stroke project bike so interested to know if this is true or a wives tale?
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Old 16-10-2019
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Yes, I reckon it could.. but what do I know.
This is a post to hopefully make people bite.

The clutch slips-up... So why couldn't it slip-down too?
Makes perfect sense to me... But-then; I'm a bit queer.
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Old 17-10-2019
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Originally Posted by Keenaz View Post
Have heard some rumors that a rekluse auto clutch can be tuned to reduce engine braking. Have an idea for a 4 stroke project bike so interested to know if this is true or a wives tale?
The z start models possibly could but it would maybe have to be set up for soft engagement to have it disengage while rolling.
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Old 17-10-2019
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What you are asking for is more of a slipper clutch ..

When you are sideways on the tar and you backoff you want the clutch to slip and not brake your back wheel ..
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Old 18-10-2019
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Your left hand can reduce engine braking.

My experience with zstart pro on a 2t & core exp on a 4t was that it remained engaged until the engine revs dropped to around idle which was the opposite to what I thought was going to happen.
It pumps one way and then it pumps the other...
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Old 22-10-2019
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In short - no, not really. Not unless you go full retard.

Slipper clutches on the other hand can be setup to do what you're after, although they are more aimed towards super moto use. The one's in the gassers used to be brilliant (sutter ??)

Some can be annoying in the dirt though as the slipping may also mean the engine has trouble restarting when you accidentally stall out into a corner and want it to quickly bump start back into life after you accidentally lock up the rear brake etc.

Depending on the bike, you might even be able to try a cam with more overlap to bleed off some compression or taller gearing or even higher air pressure etc.

The rekluse is basically an anti-stall device. A properly setup one shouldnt affect how the motor performs the moment it goes above idle.
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Old 30-11-2019
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The Zstart Pro can have ball bearings taken out to raise the rpm level of engagement, effectively disengaging upon braking. 30 balls are std , they recommend removing 3 balls then trying the clutch again.
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