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Charity &/or Fundraiser Rides!! Rides that benefit more people than just the riders!!!!!

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Old 24-12-2010
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Originally Posted by RED1 View Post
Dags, I've done 10 Australian Safaris, I think you will find its almost impossible to complete that task with ordinary people without sitting on high speeds with hardly any stops! I have ridden an XR600 from Darwin to Sydney in 3 days sitting on near 130ks all day and long days at that, I have also driven from darwin to melbourne in 3 days, bit more comfortable than the bike but still long days only stopping for fuel.
Hey Red,

Do you remember running with Trev Otto from South Australia?

I think he used to ride Husky 570's or 610s.

Hes got awesome Photos of it when it was the Wynns Safari up in his workshop.

Hes got awesome stories and hes one hell of a mechanic!



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Old 24-12-2010
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Originally Posted by aggressive View Post
WOW, that is one place to be coming form........

To be wrong......

Just shows you, put your mind to it and you can do anything. 4 ordinary blokes 1 extraordinary challenge on enduro bikes (not a comfy XR600), one KTm 525, one BETA 450, one CRF450 and one Husky TE450. Hahahaha half day husky my arse, honda valve problems, what valve problems.... Plus the Husky had an aluminuim rear sproket.

Completed..... Yes..... Dags, Noel, Chris and myself did it. It was not easy, it was not always fun BUT it was worth it AND it was an experience of a lifetime.....

Lets hope more get behind us next year instead of trying to discourage, that only makes us more determined.

Proud to be part of 5 to stay alive. Good blokes, Noel, Dags and Chris. Thanks boys. WE showed 'em

Will post up pics or you can check out Aggressive Racing and Getonit Sports Facebook pages for some pics and a run down....

To all of you who supported us, thank you, YOU helped us through it.
Hahaha yeah it was a ball, and i think I only snapped & spat the dummy about twice a day

The whole experience (not just the ride) was very fatiguing & definitely took it's toll, but the outcome was brilliant.

We ended up getting 4500kms right on the mark and were pretty happy with that, but it was Red's comments lingering in my mind that made me determined to punch out that last 500kms regardless of how long it took.
Another 10 hours in total and I think i fell asleep twice & just lent up against a post on the side of the road with the bike still running.

I think the biggest day was 1269 or 1369kms,including servicing the bikes, 3 sets of tyres & lunch at the Burke & Wills - started at 8(ish) & rode through to about 2am the next day - that was BLOODY HARD.

We had lots of followers on the SPOT page which was great

Thanks to everyone involved

Failure is merely a virus in your mind, created by those too scared to start.
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