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Old 02-09-2019
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Lookin at that mate I reckon you're lucky to still have an arm, best wishes for a continuing recovery.
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Old 04-09-2019
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Originally Posted by Craigy View Post
Ride on lawn mower rollover. I don't think I won.
I've driven one into the deep end of a swimming pool but got away with only a kick up the arse from dad. Hope your recovery goes well.
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Old 04-09-2019
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I noticed on my Michelin Mousse tube box a symbol indicating to be kept below 30 degrees, thatís not great for our climate.

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Old 04-09-2019
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I've never used/had a Mousse... Front nor back.
Yoose Blokes have turned me fully-off them atm.

I've ridden-back 30k's with a flat tyre.. Even @ both.
Never wrecked my rims or even tyres... That'll do me.

Edit: I've factored-in replacing my rims & tyres... Maybe.
As it's turned out: I'm yet-needing to: Inspection is pass.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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Originally Posted by ian9toes View Post
It was just a fairly mundane front wheel washout mid corner, admittedly in 3rd/4th gear. My helmet peak ripped out of one of the bolts and I saw a couple of stars, and my shoulder copped a hit, but I just slid to a stop on smooth ground. It shouldnít have been such a major stack. I donít know if it was the culprit but I saw a sharp edged rock sticking out of the ground a couple of metres away.

I had elbow guards on that slip fairly easily, but it was on the inside of the elbow where guards donít protect anyway.
Hey man as to the front washing out that can be to do with the front springs being to weak for ones weight, it can make the front washout or to tip over more so, it's got to do with the geometry. the front end will spook you like and you think fu#k what's going on, as the bastard will try to tip over instantly and you have to try and catch it before it falls over, even in a corner like you have said you came off on, you can hit a stone and this can drop you into the ground in a instant.

I bought a new bike and on the first day I was trying to work out what the fu#k was going on, I just could not work out what was going on and because the new bike had the same forks as the model before this did not click to me to be the problem because the last model I could flog it as hard as with no problem, but because of the geometry change of the new model this made all the difference. new stronger front springs and bingo the new bike was fantastic.

Always by the best armour protection, a lot of the new gear nowadays is crap, they are like toys pretending to be armour.
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