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Old 15-01-2018
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Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
Apparently it's rude to talk with your mouth full and she had her dentures out...
Good old fashioned manners right there.

The younger generation could learn a thing or two from that
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Old 15-01-2018
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Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
I did that for you Al. She just waved back.

Apparently it's rude to talk with your mouth full and she had her dentures out...
Glad to hear shes still got her manners still
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Old 15-01-2018
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Originally Posted by ROBKTM View Post
imbalance in wealth and assets
also i would like to add after dealing with lawyers and barrister who are happy to keep pushing your agenda as far as you want or can afford nothing is water tight and safe from legal contest if the sum is big enough
Thanks for sharing. I've had similar advice in the past- no matter how much you try to protect yourself there is no guarantees if it all goes to sh!t.

Originally Posted by JJW View Post
Pros and cons!

I had mates get their girlfriends pregnant early in life and it was a burden at the time, but now their kids are moving out and they have an awesome mid life lifestyle. I'm gonna be a sore old man trying to chase a toddler around, but have had the advantage of very low lifestyle responsibility for a number of years.

I never wanted to struggle and thought I would get married when I had the means to raise kids without being under the pump financially. Only problem now is finding the right woman. I had some good women but we went separate ways mostly due to my lack of commitment. I'm a repeat offender with that. I have also had an imbalance of wealth combined with a feeling that things just wouldn't work out long term despite being fond of the girl.

There is always plenty of fun to be had, but making a lifetime commitment and trusting they will do same is a whole different ball game. Maybe if I had an accidental pregnancy, that would have forced my hand and the problem would be solved for me?

Main thing is that you make the most of your lifestyle at any point in time, whatever the circumstances are. We always seem to want what we can't have, then when we get it we want something else.... I try to keep that in mind and be grateful I'm not getting sucked into a war or living in a depression.

Speaking of marriage, I'm going to a wedding tomorrow. Poor bugger!
Making the most of it is what it's all about for me - agreed.

Originally Posted by normanator27 View Post
I try to embrace a philosophy in life where I'd much rather regret trying something than not. There is one big exception to this, children. I have known for as long as I can remember that children weren't for me, and at the age of 43 I certainly have no regrets re children. Thankfully I am happily married to a like minded woman.

As far as wealth imbalance goes, I came to this relationship with far less than my wife. In the early years I was very reluctant to enjoy the benefits of money that I didn't earn, but after 2-3 years she made it very clear to me that by not letting her bring her resources to our collective effort that she wasn't enjoying the lifestyle that she wanted. Theres no pre nups or legal hoo ha between us, just trust. She reckons the fact that I was making far more effort to protect her interests than she was, was all the protection that she needed.
That last sentence is interesting - I hadn't thought of it like that previously.
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