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Old 11-09-2004
dbw Pro
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Ocean Grove
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640/950 Adventure

Ok Men.
I've thought about this one for a while.
I want to add a road bike to commute to work along with my 03 KTM 450EXC for the dirt work.
Question being what do you guy's suggest as a second bike for General use. ( A Yam R1 ) would be nice but i would like to stay in the KTM stable and utalise the Adventure for both commuting and possibe long trail adventures.
I have heard of vibration troubles especially with the 640.
The 950 seams a bloody huge bike to handle
Comments on both the Katers as well as the Beamer appreciated.
Just come back from the bike show in melbourne, seen the new street Duke 990 not bad but seat will go black in no time being orange and then it would look shit house.
Too bloody hard to pick between all the performance road bikes under 18 grand.

Chop Chop
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Old 11-09-2004
Flying Fossil's Avatar
Flying Fossil Flying Fossil is offline
dbw Mafia
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Melbourne
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Well thats easy go for a test ride on each of them

I know i like the 640 it looks nice specially with a motard kit on it
07 KTM 250EXCF my first big bike no mods
You dont like the way I run things ?....FO then!
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Old 12-09-2004
MICK77's Avatar
MICK77 MICK77 is offline
dbw Pro
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Cessnock
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Hey Chop. I own a 640 Adventure and its all i expected. I ride it to work (40kms) no probs, and it handles a run up the firetrails two up with ease. Dunno if it will win the Paris-Dakar....dont care . It vibrates a lot (more than my VOR.........hmmmmm that'll come back.) but only gives discomfort with a full tank of juice(makes the tank vibrate). All in all great bike whick can only be made better with a staintune system and motard wheels for the road. I would however own the 950 in a heartbeat but I couldnt afford the beast.:T As Foss said.....go the test ride and go from there.
85 XR100
08 200exc
11 Husq 630
12 KLX 450R
11 Suz ozark....
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Old 13-09-2004
woafa's Avatar
woafa woafa is offline
dbw Pro
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: had to have it
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I've been day-dreaming the same ones as you. My decision is between the BMW1200GS and the 950.

All things consider'd I like to think I'm riding Honda's version of the 640 with my XR650 and Clarke 16litre tank; and with my WR400 I reckon I've got a fair bit of overlap in the bike's dirt capabilities.

I ride the XR to work in Motard trim and with an hour's work can set it up for a 700km dirt tour, but if you think of it, your 450 (with a bigger, 14L tank) will do just about everything the 640 will.

if you had the 950, it could be the world's best commuter and also be used for the annual road trips from Sydney to Phillip Is, or Cameron's Corner.

go the 950 , go the 950 , go the 950 , go the 950 , go the 950 , go the 950 , go the 950

'99 WR400 (SOLD ) - '02 XR650R - '04 950 Adventure
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Old 15-09-2004
dbw Pro
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Ocean Grove
Posts: 121
Thanks for the feedback fella's.
I'm going to take my time with this one.
Trying to decide between updating the 450 to a 05 450/525 with motard for use on road then convert back for trial/dirk track or go the option above and keep the 03 450.
The 950 does look wild, but keeping that fairing in decent condition will take some doing.

Chop Chop
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Old 15-09-2004
JayBo's Avatar
JayBo JayBo is offline
dbw Pro
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Perth
Posts: 170
Hiya Chop Chop,

I went for a '89 Cagiva 750 Elefant Luckie Explorer. It compliments my '03 450EXC very well 'cos the 450 gets used plenty and has been totally reliable whereas the Elefant is constantly in millions of pieces with one major drama after the other. :BH... but that's for another forum. r

Personally, I would go for a 640 Adventure in a heartbeat . The reduced stress of not having to look after that fairing and the riding experience will be far more fun. The thing I love about my Elefant, when it's going, is it FUN to ride. It'll go massively fast, yet tools around at snails pace with ease. It gobbles up huge distances in relative comfort, yet is a blast to shoot to the local for a quick beer.

Don't worry about the overlap with the 450 of these monster dirt touring bikes. They are worlds apart and each will reward you with their unique character in the right conditions.

Just MHO
Proud new owner of '06 450EXC (Why is this bike green on the KaTooM Forum??? )
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Old 24-09-2004
Alchemist Alchemist is offline
dbw Pro
Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Sydney
Posts: 59
I pondered the ame thing...for a long time..and went with the 640. I don't know why people think it vibrates so much. On long tours ie days around 800kms and up...its nothing a pair of bike shorts under the riding panys doesn't fix. Mines an '04 model and I've heard the earlier ones are worse.

For commuting its is much better than a 950, lighter and just as fast (unless you are talking aobut go to jail speeds), its has a longer tanks range for touring and is not nearly as tiring to ride (ask Meoni)

just my 2c worth.
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Old 24-09-2004
dbw Pro
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Ocean Grove
Posts: 121
Have you got the adventure model with the raised fairing and the twin headlights tucked underneath.
Have you ridden the XR 650 to compare it with.
Dropped into Peter Stevens tonight and the XR is under 10 grand drive away compared to 14 1/2 with on roads not considered.
But the 640 Adventure looks the goods as a commuter to work.
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Old 06-10-2004
Roo Boy
Posts: n/a
Have just acquired a 640 Adventure and love it. the only problem is the 5 speed box lets it down a bit after riding the new exc 6 speed box. in hindsight it will still pull 160 without any drama.

Have just pulled the suspension out and will look to put heavy springs in as i kept bottoming it out while going through Goobang National Park near Parkes the other weekend.

Plan to go up Hill End, Rylstone, Widden, Merriwa, Coolah Tops National Park at the end of the month.

Made the mistake of getting onto the german website for accerories for these things last night and the old credit card might be getting hammered in the near future.


Bathurst DSMRA
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