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Old 07-01-2009
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Husky te 510 or 450

Hi guys n' gals, I have a 08 husky tc450 mx and I'm going to change over to the enduro style bike.

Just wondering how the bikes vary to each other power wise and also bike to what I have?

I reliase tghe suspension will be different and elec start etc, but have heard the te 450 was a bit lacking in power compared to my tc 450. If this is the case should i go the 510? But is that going to be too much of a handful in the tight stuff?

Weight difference is only 2kg from what I read. But when I sat on the 510 first then on to the 450 I thought I could feel it straight away.


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Old 07-01-2009
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why not nave a look at the TXC 450 - it is supposed to be the best of both worlds (and you can get it Rec Reg)
Time and tide . .
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Old 07-01-2009
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Go the 450 dude, the 510 would be a handful i reckon.....
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Old 07-01-2009
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Fuel injected bikes feel a lot softer in the power delievery. I would go the 510 over the 450. The TC is very fast but can be a handful in the tight going also. Gunna put the 310 up against the WR 300 very soon
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Old 07-01-2009
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Ask Jetto on this forum, he has the 510 and has riden the 450 a lot - the 09 510 is so smooth and has so much power, yet can be idled up the biggest hills in 3rd, or pinned through single track all day.

For trail riding the 510 is pretty hard to beat.

At least you have the first -part right. Husky
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Old 07-01-2009
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more is betta

i'll go for the 510 if you trailride most of the time.you dont rev the engine as much and so much torque on any hill.better on feul as well than a 450.both are great bikes but the 510 would be that little bit betta.good luck mate.
i ride like there's no 2morow

cheers BIG ears
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Old 07-01-2009
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Ask your dealer, mines told me the power is the same but delvered in a different way, TC less flywheel weight quicker spin up rates more of a hit rather than a smoother more controlled TE, if your current bike isnt enough go up to a 510 you are the only1 who can answer that question. Fuel range is a problem on the trails, somethink to consider.
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