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Old 30-09-2008
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Dualcabs - Hilux V Colorado V Navara V Triton V BT50 V whatever

The 2002 Rodeo V6 is up to 160k & it's time to move on. The 2 biggest things that dissapoint me with the rodeo are the fuel economy & filling the bloody thing. The bowser nozzle has to be sideways else it thinks the tank is full.
I was thinking about a Crewman but A. they don't make them anymore & B. their fuel economy was woeful I was told.
The Tritons have an impressive Turbo diesel but the tray is so high it would be a killer to load bikes onto. I only want a 4x2. I suspect the Hilux is pretty high also.
I'm keen to add the the planets woes as little as possible but there are limits. It's got to have fast glass & be manual. In 2002, the Rodeo was the most car like of the dualcabs available. The Navara of the time needed 500 kg's of sand in the rear to make the suspension acceptable.
So what I really want is an Audi A6 ute but as Audi haven't ventured into that market yet, I'm left with the current batch.
Can I get some feedback on fuel economy figures for the present range of dualcabs out there - petrol & diesel.
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Old 30-09-2008
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I drive Current model Triton d/cab for work. Good engine, good on fuel 10lt per 100k's mostly short trips not trying at 110-115kph. Rides rough. wider tyers would help. but rides well with the trailer on. Looks ugly. Personal d/cab is an 04 Rodeo. Better ride, looks better, better finish. Lacks power, and not as good on fuel.
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Old 30-09-2008
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Do'nt know about the A6 ute coming to fruition but apparently there will be a toureg based VW ute soon. There are artists pics around on the net but its afew years away I'd guess.
So in the mean time I recently bought a new Rodeo after looking at all the others and weighing up the pros and cons for each.
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Old 30-09-2008
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Originally Posted by 07400E View Post
So in the mean time I recently bought a new Rodeo after looking at all the others and weighing up the pros and cons for each.
Ok what were they that made you choose the rodeo or is it colorado(canyonero?)
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Old 30-09-2008
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If I had the money I would get a BT50.. Or a Ford Ranger (same thing)
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Old 30-09-2008
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Rangers seem to get good reports, but the man gbox could be stronger, better off with the auto.
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Old 30-09-2008
Wildman Wildman is offline
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i do know the navara is a good option. old man has one and economical as with turbo diesel. depends how nitty gritty you want to get i guess, havnt had any experience with the new hilux's
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Old 30-09-2008
wilb171 wilb171 is offline
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I have a Navara, i love it, i have had a range of rodeo's but the Navara is great. A little thing that it has is the back seats flip up if you dont have any passengers. Great place to stick all your bags and fridge. Very powerful and even when you are pushing it still average around 10l/100km. I am due to replace and at this stage am seriously looking at another one, or a Triton as you can get a flash interior with them at the moment.
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Old 01-10-2008
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Got the last of the Rodeo's - had it for about 5 months now. I've had a few Rodeo's in the past and they have always been bulletproof. The triton was the cheapest by alot but hate the styling and the tub is short so my bike wont fit in the back with the tailgate down. Bt 50/Ranger was the gruntiest - especially just off idle but has no rear leg room. Navara was just too big and not particularly roomy in the driving position. This just leaves the Hilux - overpriced and under featured. I wanted to be able to go offroad a bit and looking underneath some are notably stronger than others also some have a lot of crap hanging down waiting to be ripped off.
There are no duds in the group it just depends what you want and they are all overpriced for what you get compared to a car.
The Rodeo came standard with all the things I was after but does not have the slickest of gearboxes but the economy is good. Around town I get 9-9.5 ltrs/100 and on the open road at 110-120 klm/hr I get 8-8.5 ltrs/100
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Old 01-10-2008
dbw Factory Pro
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Haven't driven a colorado yet, but of the other ones we have a ranger Xtra cab at work, defiantly the most punch of what was available then. From memory I don't think they were the most hp on paper, I think the hilux was. But chalk & cheese to drive, the ranger/BT50 makes the most torque much lower than the others & ain't shy up top for its class. If your hauling a load alot like we do this makes a massive difference. Whilst your still piss farting around slipping the clutch ect to get the others moving the ranger has already left the district.
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