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Old 10-01-2010
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2010 klx 450?

ok here goes,
just came home from holiday 2 find my 02 kx250 and bro inlaws 04 wr426 nicked!!
i am now in need of a new dirtbike! so i am after some advice on what 2 buy? i love riding sandy single trail (last weekend 1st ride @ beachport sa & had ride of life)!! also love playing around on mx tracks. thinking 450 roadtrail 4 obvious reasons, but worried i wont get satisfaction due 2handling and power of roadtrail after my 2banger 250mxer? i really love green but dont think klx would suit the jumps etc? rode beachport with a new friend on 09 cr450x but have read a lot about reliability issues! ktm maybe or could i build new klx 2 suit mx? the purchase will prob be brand new bike due 2 mortgage refinance as aami home and contence wont cover the theft! please excuse punctuation!
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Old 11-01-2010
sporn sporn is online now
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Honestly, if your coming off a 2stroke motocrosser i think the KLX might be a bit of a let down. They are a great trail bike stock and even a competitive enduro bike with a few $$$ spent and and some basic modifications.
The biggest difference you will notice is the weight, something you will have trouble improving on. The KLX is a little over weight and a bit under sprung for decent jumps and flicking around on a mx track in showroom floor trim.
Gotta admit tho, on braking and acceleration bumps the suspension is far better than the KXF's but blows through it's stroke on the bigger hits (horse's for course's).
At the least you will need to change the springs, re jet, add a full exhaust system, do the airbox mod and put it on a diet to bring out the KXF in it.
The bike will be always be smooth, powerfull and reliable but a big step from the excitement a 2stroke gives.
I would be looking at a 250/300 EXC (will be my choice when KTM go direct injected) and modding it up to SX specs unless you are planning on doing a large amount of road K's.
Depending on which state your from and if you have your heart set on a 4stroke kwaka, check out a 09'/10' KX250F with rec rego, I think you won't be dissapointed.
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Old 12-01-2010
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: south adelaide
Posts: 410
hey sporn thanks for the advice, i think kx450f is going to be a good choice and what you said was same as feed back from the shop yesterday! cheers
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Old 12-01-2010
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Unless you live in vic, the MX bike will severely restrict your abilities to ride single track and places like Beachport.
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Old 12-01-2010
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I have stripped over 10kg's off my KLX 450, not wanting an arm stretching KXF, I went the KLX option, and love it, I have raced it in Thunder X and MX, the only thing letting this bike down is the unfit rider.
It has been resprung, new full exhaust, rejetted, and all ADR crap removed, unless you go EFI, you are most likely going to respring and fit an exhaust to any new bike to bring out a few more ponies. It has handled the biggest jumps I can throw at it with ease and has never once complained.
The only thing I am going to do to it now is drop 1 tooth on the front sprocket to handle trail work a bit better.
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Old 12-01-2010
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I have just bought a 2010 KLX 450 and i am stoked, especially given the price ($11000 ride away)

I have a tight single track cut in the bush next to my place and i have found it to be brilliant in tight technical stuff, especially like the light steering.
The suspension works well for my weight (76Kg) with only minor adjustments.
On one hill strewn with roots etc it has next to no deflection. First time on any bike i have ridden in that section.

Stock power is impressive (great low end)given how quiet the muffler is.
However i will be going to full FMF Q4 system (Quiet + power)

Mate (very good rider. About 88Kg) also just bought one after selling 2008 KTM 300 and is also very impressed. But has installed full FMF Q4 system.
Says a lot, cause the KTM is an awesome bike.

I believe the KLX is the most under rated bike on the market.
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Old 13-01-2010
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my theory is, mx bikes do the bush better then enduro bikes do MX, if you can get away with it i tihnk an MX bike is a better option, it always puzzles me when peoply say they like the stock KLX suspension, i'm 65kg and when riding a stock klx i find it way way to soft.
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Old 13-01-2010
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thanks for your responses guys, looks like ill b going for an 06 kx250 near brand new still 75% left on original rear tyre truly immaculate $6000 or 07 kx450f pretty good condtion but unsure of hours $7000 really want 2010 kx450f but have been shut down by wife bit suss on buying a second hand 4 stroke!
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Old 13-01-2010
rabskyline rabskyline is offline
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Why not buy the all new te250 !!! Just about 100kg and from reports its an absolute trail weapon ! Thats what i am chasing now if i can get the minister for finance to release the extra funds to add to my bike ! 11 GRAND AND TOTAL NEW BIKE WITH RAVE REVIEWS !!
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