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[SYD] 2009 onwards Kawasaki KLX250S DynoJet Stage 2 kit

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  • [SYD] 2009 onwards Kawasaki KLX250S DynoJet Stage 2 kit


    Dynojet Jet "Stage 2" Kit

    Although the kit is for a "1997-2007 , Kawasaki , KLX300 , Stage,2 , CC, 300" that is for the US model. The Australian model has a larger diameter less restrictive header pipe and the more aggressive ignition timing of the KLX300, so the more aggressive needle in this kit combined with the 128 mainjet is a perfect combination to open up your KLX (just note that the Dynojet #128 main jet is about the same size as the Kawasaki #138, so don't get confused if you find you have a stock #132 main jet as it is will be smaller and therefore more lean than the Dynojet #128). If you put a slipon muffler on too (again, the US model KLX300 muffler fits the Australian model best) and remove the snorkle from the airbox lid it is a fantastic improvement in your bikes power.
    I removed the kit from my 2010 KLX250S before I sold it so I can tell you for a fact that this kit fits the bike and is a great upgrade. I would advise gettinga #38 pilot jet to put in at the same time whilst you have the carb off as the stock jetting is VERY lean and prone to stalling if/when the bike gets hot. Part number for the pilot jet is 920641119.

    Looking for $50 for the used Dynojet kit. Postage at your expense.

    DynoJet kit 2206 (Bits in box) -

    DynoJet kit 2206 (Box) -

    DynoJet kit 2206 (Instructions) -

    DynoJet kit 2206 (parts on listing) -
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