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NECW & N2ZW Keiihn PWK carb needles

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  • NECW & N2ZW Keiihn PWK carb needles

    I'm chasing NECW & N2ZW Keiihn PWK carb needles for some fine turning of my KTM250EXC. 0402581762 Didn't know I was a PRO member
    It pumps one way and then it pumps the other...
    you have to know what you're doing with these machines and wear gloves
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    I'll have a look at what I have spare at lunch.

    Here are some important words from someone we know from some years ago on the topic (search for the thread if you wish):

    AS1.5 +/- .25 is where Keihin designed the carb to run. Make sure you have an enduro slide (with air window) though.
    A lot of you lads are pissing around with the JN whilst also changing the PJ. That is a recipe for getting confused.
    Set the AS at 1.5, then go and test the PJ only. Lean the PJ off until the bike idle hangs-up.
    Lets say it has a hanging idle with PJ35 and AS1.25, go to a PJ38.
    If it runs-on (gung-gung-gung) downhill when off-throttle at PJ38 and AS1.75, go back to 35.
    Get the pilot circuit right first! 1) so the damn thing starts easily and 2) so the rest of the jetting isn't affected.
    Remember, on a PWKxxAG-s, the PJ is in circuit all the time. If you change the PJ, the JN, NJ, Slide, MJ and float height are now all out-of-setting
    Tuning order for a PWK is:
    1) Float height
    2) Slide choice
    3) Slide height
    4) AS setting
    5) PJ selection
    6) JN straight diameter
    7) Clip height
    8) MJ
    Hope all that helps...NP


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      Originally posted by RMJay84 View Post
      Didn't know I was a PRO member
      Simply means that the mods suspect you of selling your body for money.

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