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  • 2021 Monster Energy Supercross

    Glad to see Jett & Hunter riding opposite coasts, rather than banging bars.
    Hopefully Jett comes through as Forkners worst nightmare, but more importantly stays in one piece to be competitive when the real racing starts in May.

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    Yeah: I've seen those vids too.. They're on the pace & they have the skills.
    Basketball: A three pointer is hard; game point; done thousands; can do it.

    A sports physiologist is rarely as good as the player... Yet... trust their skill.
    It's all to easy to think; when going with the flow; it's all that's required imo.

    I don't know shit... I go with my Muscle Memory: It typically saves my arse.
    The times I stack-it it's usually due to my mind over-riding muscle memory.

    This is Sports Physiology... It's a subject I've gained some appreciation for.
    No coach was ever as good as Michael Jordan yet he learn't from a coach.

    It's difficult to do what you've done 100 times; yet-this time under pressure.
    It's-when Scrabble isn't about Vocabulary.. It's about-recall under pressure.

    When you've attained that/such an elite level; it's not for learning more imo.
    Rather: It's being able to apply what you already know when pressure's on.
    The More I Learn... The Less I Know.
    That Which Doesn't Change... Stays The Same.
    Those That Don't Fall... Just Aren't Trying Hard Enough.
    Genius or Idiot... Sadly it's Defined by the Mediocre Masses... With their Hindsight.
    Dicklaimer... The Text above is to be Evaluated by a Responsible Person... Prior to Any Action Being Taken.

    *George Carlin*What We Do*No Bravery*Tell the Truth*911*Genetic Armageddon*Carbon Tax*Interplanetary Climate Change*Fracking*Shock Doctrine*Extinction Protocol*


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      250 class is too busy for me to get my head around , 450s im going Ferandis , maybe KR, 51 , Tomac, 25????? cant wait to see the first race just to get some idea who is really on form, half the field could take it out..


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        For those with kayo, it's supposedly live at 4pm tomorrow.


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          I think this will be Jett's year; he is the fastest 250 rider, but he looks slow & in control.
          Ferrandis is coming in with a wrist injury. Stewart would be my pick of the BluCru.
          Can Barcia win the opener again?
          Cooper for the win today,
          Tomac will take a few races to figure it out.
          The schedule is pretty knarly, there is now room for error; an injury on Saturday won't recover by Tuesday.
          Osborne injured in practice; but Anderson is looking speedy.


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            Ok , im tipping/hopeing KR .....


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              Originally posted by Pete40 View Post
              For those with kayo, it's supposedly live at 4pm tomorrow.
              Supposedly! Nah first 250 heat from just after 9am AEST /10am ADST Sunday morning.
              Pete Believing News Corp / Fox / Kayo is like believing that all three Factory Yamahas DNF'ed Dakar due
              to a minor $2 electrical component failure !

              PS Jett finished 3rd to Forkner and Shimoda in 250 H1 !
              Gets him 5th gate pick in the main.

              PSS Im with Pops KR -450.
              The number of riders lining up in 450.....its going to be great year !
              250E ....Heart and Head says Jett over Christian Craig.
              250W The 2 Yamaha lads Cooper and Martin are gonna scratch each others eyes out tryin to beat the other!
              It'll be epic. Martin by a short Nose!


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                Barcia looked good... Like back in the Honda days.
                '94 RM 250


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                  Oh well , there you go, served up on a platter.... where is the nearest GG dealer?


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                    I'd love to see Bam bam win a few more races for sure.


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                      Originally posted by Pete40 View Post
                      I'd love to see Bam bam win a few more races for sure.
                      Weeeeelllll you maybe able to see it tonight!! Dunno if live on Kayo but there will be a replay, they are racing tonight second round....yaaaa baby
                      Ultimate power breeds ultimate corruption ^roost


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                        Some weird delay on kayo. Says it's live but it ain't.

                        Was good racing. Jett killed em in the 250's.

                        ​​​​​​Barcia went backwards in the 450's, seemed to blame the bike as he crossed the line.

                        Sexton took a big slam that ended his chances of a win.

                        Eli came through well.

                        Ferrandis looked really good on the 450 in the heat. We didn't see him much in the main but second says it all.

                        Anyone's championship after 2 rounds.


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                          While it lasts...


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                            Awesome to see Jett absolutely dominate that race. Hopefully he can limit some of the silly misatkes he made in Rd 1 and that should definitely see him in title contention come end of season.

                            The 450's is a massively stacked field this year and hard to predict. I really hope Roczen can have a good year.

                            I thought that track in round 2 was way better than the round 1 track. The round 1 track just seemed to make the racing a bit crap to me .


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                              Freaking way to go Jett.......he looked really good and has put them on notice if they were not already

                              Tomac looked the goods as well but after last week he would want to!! and Bam Bam, looked all out of sorts until it was revealed he had snapped the gear lever off and was stuck in 1st!!!......looks to be a very interesting season

                              MX Large
                              Ultimate power breeds ultimate corruption ^roost


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