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  • Australian nationals

    I thought I might go and watch a couple of rounds of the Australian MX nationals this year. Apparently the next event is on May 2nd in Canberra, but there seems to be absolutely bugger all information on line about it.

    Anyone know where it's being held, and if you do know, can you advise where you found the info. I would have thought there'd be a website somewhere with location, ticket info etc, but not that I can find.

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      Originally posted by Cuffie View Post
      Cheers - hope other people have more success than me in finding the details otherwise it might be a small crowd


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        For those of us who missed the livestream from Wonthaggi...


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          I'd attend the Canberra MX.. If it-were held-here... & hopefully meet yoose folks.
          Sadly: I don't believe the-track nor-infrastructure is-capable: Maybe-work-done?
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            Maitland round of the MX nats on tomorrow[sunday] on sbs live 1.30pm


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              Lets go Racing!
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