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    Jed Beaton & F&H Kawasaki will reunite and put on their big-boy pants to race in the MXGP class in 2022.
    No such luck as yet for Wilson Todd who'll be too old to race MX2 next year.

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    Well , that area/class is so damn fast, not many [apart from the top 5] will get a look in , could even bring in the best from the US and they would most likely get lapped .


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      Well Ive been away and hadn't seen that. Great news.
      Thought it was looking like Jed was not going to get any offers thrown his way.
      And both would be heading back to Aust - meaning '22 was going to be huge field back here.

      IMO and its not nice to say But it is reality, that he was maybe to big /heavy for 250's which was limiting his starts (slightly).
      There is a big difference between a whippet thin 68kg Vialle and a lean mean Beaton at 78kg's ( all est. btw)
      So I expect he will return similar results to Mitch Evans who fell under the same situation when on a 250 - except he didn't have factory motors on the 114 team, and showed his form in Aust on a 450 was not a one off.

      KHI are going all out with Febvre by retaking control of the factory team for '22.
      So hopefully Jed will benefit from the trickle down effect.

      Wilson was improving late season to be really consistent lower top 10 which was good for his first full year uninterrupted.
      Hope he gets a seat in '22

      Anyone with any news / updates on Mitch Evans ?


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